Monday, December 31, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chef Brianna

She made a sandwich for her sister.

Pita bread, ketchup, cheerios.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Brianna ScissorHands

It's been about a couple months since the tragic incident.... and I'm finally recovered enough from the initial shock and anger and sadness to talk about it. Brianna cut Courtney's hair.
Snipped it right across the front.
Turned long wispy strands into blunt ugly 80s-child-style bangs.
On Brian's watch, not mine, of course.
So I've been stuck in this melting pot of mixed emotions:  infuriated with Brian for not watching them and allowing scissors to be played with,  angry and disappointed in Brianna for doing something I'm pretty sure she understood was wrong, relief that no one got hurt and that the damage wasn't worse than it was.... all the while being careful not to let Courtney know how awful her new bangs look. 
Of course I'd still think she was just as beautiful if she was entirely bald or Brianna had really gone to town with the snipping.... but still, it's sad to see her looking like Jim Carrey's character on Dumb & Dumber. 
And of course, this look is reminiscent from that incident a few years ago with Brianna.....

Courtney's dresses

I decided that since I was having a tough time finding any available hangers, it might be a good idea to sort through Courtney's dresses and maybe possibly get rid of a few.
Or a few dozen.

Seriously, this girl had FORTY-TWO dresses in her closet. That's almost a new one for every weekend.  Each was a hand-me-down, gift, or Nickel Auction purchase.  I narrowed the field down to 19, and I'm quite proud of myself for that. The ones that didn't make the cut earned me a big chunk of change at the following Nickel Auction!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brianna's Christmas crafts

Made at her preschool (definitely NOT at home. I wish I was that good of a mom. I'm craftily-challenged). The snowman face is a milk jug - with a big hole in back, where a small string a of lights were stuffed in.

And the gingerbread house is the real deal - actual gingerbread, frosting.... meaning the house is already partially eaten here, because of course that kind of thing doesn't last long on our counter tops without little fingers digging in. And, I'll admit, big fingers too :) The reindeer's antlers were cut out from an outline of Brianna's hands. Brianna often asks why Rudolph's nose is red, and why the other reindeer wouldn't let him play their games. Very sensitive to bullying. :) Note the Christmas cards on the wall - those are the ones we received from fam and friends. Less this year than ever before! Sad. I mean, I totally get why people just do digital cards, or none at all. Seriously, I'm surprised I DON'T do digital cards. But there's something about receiving it in the mail and displaying all season. Makes me happy. Next year I'll be more on the ball and send out OUR cards earlier, and to more people. That always does the trick :) Hope you all had a merry Christmas, full of fun kid projects!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Out of Brianna's Mouth Lately

"I think Courtney will be grrrrrreat when she grows up."
"Some people with brown eyes are NOT our friends."
"I tried to fall asleep but I couldn't stop thinking about you rubbing my back. You need to do that."
"You're doing well, Kid.  You're doing well."   [to Courtney, in a voice like Shrek saying "That'll do, donkey. That'll do.]
"We'll call me, Brianna The Great! We'll call Courtney, Courtney The StopSign!"
"Mom, do you wish you had baby named Jesus too?
"Do you know why frozen bananas taste so good? Cuz they're called CHELSEAS!"
"Hey, check out this move" [strikes a pose with one leg in the air and hands spread out]
"Would you like to put on a movie for me, then sit by me and hug me the whole time we watch it?"
"I never dream about anyone in our family, except for just you mom!"
"YOGURT and DATES?!?!! That's ALL you could THINK of to OFFER me for snacktime?!!  Ugh!"
"I don't wanna be a Grandma!!"
"Does Jesus like silly putty?"
"Some people do Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, not Christmas. I guess they don't know about Jesus."
"Courtney is so gentle. She'd never feed me to anybody."

Extra, Extra!

I was interviewed for this article in the Daily Herald:

A guide to choosing the right shoes for the runner in you

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Appropriate sledding footwear

 We got so lucky today with PERFECT sledding conditions.  Yesterday it dumped a few inches - blizzard conditions for a few hours - but today the sun is shining and it's so nice outside. Awesome Christmas present.
So after the morning festivities  (just our little family here at home - really low key, loved it) we told them to get their snow clothes on.  Brianna came out like this.  No amount of logic would dissuade her. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

wish I had a video for this somehow....

The other night, we put the kids all to bed around 8:45.
And at 10pm, Bennett was STILL SINGING. 
He often lays in bed and sings for a few minutes til he falls asleep. But tonight... he just kept goingandgoingandgoingandgoing.  It was crazy. The alphabet song, the eensyweensy spider, the snowman song, the wise man built his house upon the rock, head shoulders knees toes, Families Can Be Together Forever, I Am a Child of God, the Barney song, "if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops" song, twinkle twinkle, Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam.....
I think he stopped sometime shortly after 10. The singing gradually got slower and quieter. 
As much as this was delightfully odd and entertainingly quirky for us...  I can't imagine what it's like for Courtney. Either she got serenaded to sleep (I hope)..... or laid there trying to fall asleep for over an hour listening to her brother belt toddler tunes. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Baker's helper

I only slightly realize that pictures like this are considerably less amazing and phenomenally adorable to others than they are to me. 
Because that's how we all are as mom-bloggers, right?

We post these simple, classic pictures of our kids, and think the whole world really will do a collective gasp and faint at the cuteness.

When in reality, if I saw a friend's kid in this same position - just mixing a bowl of muffin batter, hair in bun, smiling.... I'd think little of it. Just a casual, "oh, cute."

But when I look at *THIS* picture... I'm quite sure it belongs on a billboard or magazine.
Brianna is the most sweet, precious, intoxicatingly beautiful 4-yr old on the planet. To me.   

Friday, December 21, 2012

The back of my ride

Big thanks to +Julie Housley and her awesome vinyl skills for making me this Utah Running Guide sticker!
 She made four of them for me - one for each side of the van, and one I'm still trying to convince Brian to let me put on his car.... (he's very protective of his vehicles. He even attempts to avoid kid crumbs in there. Silly boy).   Jules has a company called It's Wall Talk - so if you ever need/want vinyl projects, she's seriously the mostest awesomest.    As I'm working with Race Directors/Marketing Directors for events we're advertising for at URG, I'm trying to get them to create vinyl stickers with their event logo  (or if they already are, start hiring It's Wall Talk to do it instead!). Such a win-win.... they give runners a swag item they'll actually appreciate and likely enjoying displaying.... and the race gets year-long mass mobile advertising!
So again - thanks Jules!  And Utah friends - if you're willing to slap one of these URG stickers on your car, I'd be more than happy to mail you one! (or four)  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Future dream home plans

At Brianna's preschool (at the teacher's home), there's a kid's nook under the stairway. She's turned it into a restaurant, where the kids "order" from the window (right side holes in wall). Cute little tables and chairs back there, full plastic food menu options, cooking utensils....SO FUN! Today was the Christmas party, so I brought the twins. They wanted nothing to do with the Santa that came, but everything to do with the fun stuff at Silver Maple Preschool!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Church love

I don't know if there's a rule that you're not supposed to take pictures during church (especially Sacrament mtg), but when Brian catches me doing it, you'd think I was headed straight for outer darkness just for attempting. But I snuck this one in:
It was so cute - we were singing "Angels We Have Heard on High" (I LOVE Christmastime music at church - so nice to sing more upbeat songs!), and Brianna put her arm around Courtney and started singing and swaying to the music. Loudly. Laughing harder and harder as it went out and swaying faster and faster. Courtney loved it, but was trying hard to protect her apple from falling. Bennett usually isn't included in these public displays of silly love. Poor guy. He needs a brother ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nickel Auction Night!

Easily my favorite monthly activity, and the best GNO ever. Nickel Auctions make my world go round.
Just like last year, I hosted the December auction. But unlike last year where we had 8 women show up, tonight we had 23! Including my cousin Krissy from Spokane, that was fun. I had Brian take the kids over to the Tanner's home, so he and Steve could manage the 6 crazies while Becca and I had fun.  Such a weird auction though - only about 5 women brought stuff to sell! Usually it's 8-10, and we're there for 3 hours. Tonight was like 90 minutes, and that included long breaks between sellers, giving ladies a chance to enjoy the potluck  (I made crockpot full of homemade chili, and it was GONE!)  So, thanks to supply & demand, my stuff sold great. I think I made like $15 bucks!  I sold a few things I wouldn't have wanted the kids to see.... but of course they'll never notice it's gone.  And while other people were selling, I rushed and went through my closet, grabbing out a bunch of clothes to sell  (rule: if you haven't worn it in 2+ yrs, time to get rid of it!!)
Lovelovelove Nickel Auctions.  Best form of recycling out there.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

small smiley miracle

They're ALL looking at the camera. And smiling. At the same time.
This NEVER happens!

Now if only they were all dressed and the house was clean, we could frame it.  But really.... a picture with everyone looking good, and the background too... statistically impossible. 

But so glad I have this one at least! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

A day for hugging my babies

I stayed with Brianna til she fell asleep tonight, rubbing her back and singing her songs. It's been a day full of holding her close and trying not to cry in front of her. With her being almost Kindergarten age, I keep thinking of what it's like for those poor parents who don't have their Kindergartners to tuck into bed tonight.  I remember in High School, hearing about the Columbine shootings. Then in college, hearing about the shootings at the UofA, then last year in Norway. And some others. It's just so insane. So tragic. So scary. I can't imagine what things will be like when my little ones are adults. I just know I'm going to try harder to enjoy each moment with my kids, and keep them as safe as I can.

PS - I just love Brianna's fleece bed spread. It's a quilt my 89 yr old Grandma stitched together, just about a month ago. She told me not to tell any of my cousins/siblings, so they wouldn't get jealous or expect her to do the same for them.  So on the slim chance they're reading this... sorry. Tough luck - I'm her favorite.  :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just so I don't forget this...

This evening I was trying to work, and Bennett was doing his loud shrill squeals (happy mood, just for fun). Like VERY high-pitched screams. 
I said, "Bennett! Your noises are maddening!" 
And he instantly stopped, paused, smiled at me and repeated, "maddening!" 
Courtney heard that and decided to parrot, "maddening!" 
Which of course prompted Bennett to again yell out, "maddening!" 
Then Courtney. Then Bennett. Then Courtney. Then Bennett.
So there I am at my laptop sitting on the couch with two toddlers running around the room laughing and yelling, "Maddening! Maddening! Maddening!" 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jaime Swim Art

I love Jamie Swim Art!  Go check out her art and Like her FB Page!

Sincere apologies to my friends Sally & Julie, who entered Jamie's FB giveaway also.  And they didn't win. They only successfully helped ME discover the giveaway, which I entered.... and won  :)

Sidenote:  I'm confident enough that Brian never ever reads this blog, that I'm posting this on here, even though it's a Christmas present for him.  He will LOVE it (he's kindof ridiculously obsessed with all-things-tropical).   The photo doesn't do the painting justice. It's super cute.   THANKS JAMIE!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Princess Subway

$2 subs means we're coming here everyday all month. I hope they're open Christmas day. Seriously. Cuz it makes my kids eat lots of veggies (not even blended up - the real deal!), I don't have to prep or really clean anything, it's relatively healthy, we get Subway reward points, we get a free cookie from filling out the survey receipt every time, and we bought the Subway gift cards at Smith's where we get Smith's reward points!  YAAAAY!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Subway love. For $2.

My poor homeless looking children.

I'm taking this picture to prove that I do at least feed them, though obviously don't clothe them myself.

Men are wussies.

Bennett and Courtney both got sick earlier in the week. Some sort of very short-lived flu or virus or stomach bug. Maybe food poisoning, cuz there was no fever. Just diarrhea and a couple pukies.  So gross to clean up.  But here we are at Smith's photo center, where I was working on ordering some photos, and Bennett fell totally asleep right at my feet. Courtney and Brianna were happily playing in the drop-in childcare  (I LOVE SMITHS DROP-IN CHILDCARE!!) but Bennett.... sweet little Bennett.... wouldn't leave me. He was still exhausted from being sick earlier in the week. Courtney? Totally over it and back to normal by the next day. But my little boy... obviously takes after his Daddy, who also doesn't tolerate sickness well  (though to his credit, he rarely rarely rarely gets sick - hasn't missed a day of work due to illness EVER. That's right - EVER).  
But, as usual, there are some perks to having sick kids.... lots and lots of cuddle time!  LOVED IT!

Trapped and Happy

I often (like every day) find myself stuck, sitting on the bed, with two babies asleep on my lap. A head on each thigh, as I'm sitting cross-legged, helping them fall asleep.  Not a big deal at night, when Brian can come in and help me transfer them to their cribs. But during the day, at nap-time, it's very tricky transferring them by myself without waking them. So I often just sit and enjoy it. And snap pictures to blog. Love my little toddler-babies.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Manger Blocks!

Thank you sista Becky!
Pardon the brightnesss. Someday I shall learn how to properly operate a camera.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Antlers at Trader Joes

I was so excited about the new Trader's Joes opening in SLC that my antlers stood straight up.

Seriously though, I love that this store is in Utah now. There are just a few things they have that I can't get anywhere else - not for their price, anyway.  Most especially - their tortillas.  Super high quality, super inexpensive. Same for jams and other breads. Sometimes decent produce deals. And probably other stuff, I just haven't checked around enough. And it's not really possible to do that yet, cuz the place is freakishly packed. It's a tiny store, and there were probably 100 people in there on Saturday morning.

Why the antlers..... why not?  Brian told me to take them off, but he was he only one who even noticed. No one else looked twice.  I love that.  During the holiday season, it's perfect acceptable and not remotely unusual to wear antlers around in public.
(They were from the Jingle Bell Run 5K at Trolley Square that Brian and I had just finished. SO FUN!!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I don't know what's wrong with me. I survive something horrible, promise myself never to attempt it again, then time passes and I forget my promise to myself. Suddenly the horrible idea seems like a good one again. Similar to the marathons I've run and the baby births (surgeries) I've been through. After each one I promised myself I wouldn't do it again. Now both sound like potentially good ideas. Today's episode of "Stupid Chelsea" is entitled, "Rumbi."
 I took the kids there by myself a few months ago. I had a gift card, it was lunch time, the restaurant was right next door to Three Little Monkeys where we had just finished Story Time and Crafts.... so we went. And the kids were crazy. Running, jumping, food throwing... nothing enjoyable about it. Terrible looks from strangers. I couldn't dare look at my phone when it beeped or go refill water cups because as soon as my head was turned for a moment, someone made a mess. I now clearly recall hauling all of them out of there and back into the stroller, going home and texting Brian something like, "Your children are crazy monkeys." Yet yesterday, I seem to have forgotten about that ordeal. We went to Story Time, then Deseret Book to get birthday gifts for their Grandma McKell (which was also a little insane, if you can imagine 3 little people who feel the need to TOUCH EVERYTHING), then they were hungry. And I had a Rumbi gift card. And it was directly on our walking path home. How could we not stop? Ugh. I think some people go out to eat because it's relaxing and enjoyable. For me, it was EXHAUSTING. Keeping them contained involved all kinds of antics - games, funny faces, spoon tricks, etc. They were content and silent for about 3 minutes, when our food initially came out and they had all been served. But the whole "eating" thing apparently got boring after that. Yay for takeout containers. Except that while I was packing it up, I looked over to see Bennett using the straw of someone else's drink at a table that had just left. Ew.Ew.Ew. Restauranting alone with 3 kids ever again? NO!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Lazy wheels of training

I feel kinda lame for not working with Brianna on bike riding yet. She'll be 5 in February. Add that to my list of lazy parenting.
I've heard it's better to take off the pedals so she learns balance, like those Strider bikes, then put them on again when she's ready. Skip the training wheels all together. I'd love to hear what other parents have done to teach the riding of the bicycle?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Out of Brianna's Mouth Lately

"Where can a kid get some food around here?!"
"I want two cats. White with pink paws and purple fur. Named Snowbell and PoppyCat."
"Sometimes when I go potty, I have to go potty again. I think there's something wrong."
"I remember when I used to be on the potty train too."
"I'm going to add the finishing touch to my cup of water... JUICE!"
"Courtney, I've got my eyes on youuuu!"
"Can you turn this empty bottle of juice into a toy for me?"
"Courtney is a peepee but she's still my best friend."
"I think there's something wrong with my bum. I've been going potty for years and YEARS!"
"No, mom, I want you to say, 'I would be DELIGHTED to make you some food!' like that, and smile."
"Are you writing that down, mom? That was funny. Write me down."

"cute" court

Courtney looked adorable at church on Sunday. You're just going to have to take my word on it, obviously, since I couldn't really get a good picture of her. I can't even remember what she was having a tantrum about, but I had to take her into the bathroom. Then I tried again to get a good picture and it made her even madder.  So here she is. My darling pink princess.

Sidenote:  I've been doing this Paleo thing for a couple weeks now, and last month did my 3rd 10-day raw food cleanse.  I've been loving it, and fitting into my clothes so much better!  :)  Though the sugar cravings never really go away totally, I've learned how to combat them more effectively. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

When Bennett met London....

Bennett found a cute little girl at the park to share his snacks with  :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

nice niece

We've got niece Lily here with us for a few days while her Nonny and Papa enjoy the yearly family reunion with Grandma Smith and her children. I love having Lily here for several reasons, one being that I finally have a child to practice hair-dos on!

My girls fight me on it. I'm lucky to get a ponytail in. 

But Lily will sit and let me practice. Which I need a lot of, since I'm not very good.
But I enjoy trying!

Happy place

Ever been secretly thrilled that you've got a grumpy/tired/sick kid in your arms, simply because they're so dang cuddly... I think Nonny was definitely enjoying a tired-cuddly-Bennett moment. In his Halloween jammies she gave him. So basically it couldn't have been any better for her.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bball Ben

If this little baller had his way, he would never wear anything besides this shirt. 
Even though it's getting too small and too seasonally inappropriate. 
He's lucky we're having record high temps this halloween week!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

She's stuffing blocks down the back of his shirt.

Kids come up with the best ways to entertain themselves....

 Or to try and distract their parents.

But I think she could've gotten away with pretty much doing anything to Brian that she wanted to, since he was watching sports on TV, which means he's basically a goner.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The family that costumes together....

Brian is such a good sport. I didn't even tell him our Saturday morning plans til late Friday night. The Halloween Hustle at Sugarhouse Park! I did some advertising for them so I got my entry comp'd. Early this morning I woke Brian up with, "hurry, put on this pumpkin suit." And he didn't grumble at all! Just went along with it. Love him. Love my costumed babies. Love running races. Don't love that I've been eating way too many treats, and Halloween hasn't even happened yet! Ugh. Better keep up the running!

Friday, October 26, 2012


That angry grimace is actually very real.
She doesn't like this costume.
She's a four yr old girl.... all she wants to dress as is a fairy.
Or a princess.
Or a ballerina.
Ideally a fairy princess ballerina.
But when we gotta dress super warm, those don't cut it.
It's not hard to get her to cooperate though...."Hey Brianna, wanna go to a Halloween party? Then wear this."
And she quickly complies.

This plush fuzzy costume = $4 yard sale find a few months ago!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trying to fatten her up

Poor little Courtney has gone through a growth spurt- only going UP, not out. I can see her ribs and tailbone protruding, she's so lean. No bum at all. Wish I could transfer some of mine to her!
Spoonfuls of peanut butter mixed with granola and dried fruit should help, right? Any other toddler-fattening ideas out there?  Never had to deal with this before!
Of course she's still super healthy - rarely gets sick, lots of energy, good temperament, sleeps well.... So maybe I'm making a problem out of something that's not a problem?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Butterfly faces

Sister Twins

My girls:  pink shirts, pink pants, pony tails, paying attention.

Bennett:  Running around the toy store like a little wild man, only willing to join in during the marching and activity songs. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Early morning letter practice

Bennett is usually the first one up every day (besides Brian, who has started running a few miles at 5am!). Our girls sleep in a little better (though Brianna rarely stays in her own bed to do it). So Bennett and I have our QT waiting for the sleepyheads to emerge. He loveslovesloves to be quizzed on letters, so we use our Scrabble Jr and Bananagram tiles to practice. Consequently, while Courtney is a little better at talking, Bennett is the alphabet champ.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Indoor Chinese Fire Drill

Courtney is NOT supposed to be sitting back there with Brianna.  I want her sitting in the captain's seats next to Bennett, in her rear-facing carseat.  Of course she and Bennett are over 2 and they could be forward-facing now... but why not keep them safer?  As long as I can recline their seat far enough back so they have leg room, we're keeping them rear-facing and more protected from the possible consequences of my stereotypical Utah driving skills. 

So how has Courtney escaped her spot?  Well we keep an extra seat there since we often have company - Brianna's playdates, Cousin Lily sometimes, and just last week, my friend Erin and her little boy. It's a pain to take it in and out, so we leave it there.    But Courtney and Brianna have become increasingly buddy-buddy.  It's sweet - they really enjoy being together  (most of the time. It's a best-of-friends, worst-of-enemies thing). Sneaky little Brianna will take any opportunity to get out of her seat, unbuckle Courtney, get her into the back seat, and buckle her in.  Not even joking.  All while I'm driving and not paying attention very well.  It's happened twice now.  I tried to reprimand Brianna, and she pretended to fall asleep. Cuz I'm the boss like that. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Night of the Running Dead 5K

Just heading out for an average night on the town. Where I hunt down humans to devour their flesh.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pretty to me!

The camera on my phone is terrible. And the frame options are terrible. And my photography skills are terrible.   So why would I post this attempt to improve a shoddy camera pic?  Cuz in real life, Brianna looked absolutely beautiful in her little summery dress and big pink headband bow.  Sometimes she's absolutely strikingly gorgeous to me.  It was one of those moments. And now I won't forget, no matter what the pic quality is!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Carrie concert no-go

Here's a pic from the Carrie Underwood concert.... that I didn't go to....


So I was really bummed a couple days ago when our car died and we missed preschool, had to get a tow, and spend a bunch on a new battery. But while at Burt Brothers, I entered their drawing for Carrie Underwood concert tickets.... and I just got a phone call.... I WON!! AHHHH! So cool! But Brian's outta town...and there's those three small people calling me mom... so I chose to give this to some deserving friends - Brianna's sweet Little Ninja Preschool teachers, Kaylene and Jen. They had an awesome night out! So happy for them! And this whole episode will only further my addiction to entering all contests everywhere.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012


We had a great time at the zoo last Saturday!  We got in free because we did the Zoo's "Wildlife Stampede" 5K right before it.  And I got into the 5K free because I did advertising for them on and mentioned their event on my last KSL Studio 5 stint.  It was a very good day :)  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Grandpa's 94th

We enjoyed trekking down to Spanish Fork for grandpa's birthday party! He's still the most active, positive, kind, wise old guy out there. I hope Brian turns out like Gpa McKell. And I hope I do too!

Indecisiveness led to Jon Schmidt

I've always wanted to go to a Jon Schmidt concert. He's the best pianist on the planet. So I felt like the luckiest girl on the planet when I went out for an evening run and happened upon a Jon Schmidt concert!
So awesome! I've never seen anyone stand up and dance around like crazy while playing incredible piano music combining songs like Phantom of the Opera+Don't Worry Be Happy.
Brian eventually called, worried cuz I had been out "running" so long....I think he was jealous when I told him where I really was, cuz he didn't offer to come pick me up. So I had to run home. But it's ok. I had great songs stuck in my head the whole way.

Friday, September 21, 2012

TV tshirt

It's 1am and I've just finished making my shirt to wear for my KSL Studio5 11am television appearance today. I'd say television debut, but that would be entirely inaccurate considering recent events. How do these things happen to me?! I don't especially WANT to be on TV, as I'm just reminded how round my face is and how often I stumble over my words. Maybe I can blame it on 7th child syndrome - seeking after media attention. Explain that one, Dr. Mom! :) So.... have you ever done iron-on transfers to make shirts? It's SO EASY and fun!! I've never considered myself a craft person, but I could REALLY get into this!
Totally inexpensive too. Just $1 for the transfer paper, and of course the tshirt and printer ink costs. Family - don't be surprised if you receive custom tshirt gifts from me for every holiday/birthday from now on.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anything to keep them happy

A favorite game of the McKell children is to jump from the trunk to a pile of moving boxes. A little WT maybe, but they like it, it gets their energy out, and makes use of the boxes we collected for the move we had planned next month, which is no longer going to happen. Kinda bummed, kinda relieved. It's a longish story, but basically some plans fell through when our application to rent a big cute house in Bountiful got rejected due to Brian failing his background check. Two bankruptcies and some criminal history showed up. Hmmm. Naughty Brian. Of course this was all cleared up when the dumbum landlord figured out she misspelled his name, but it was too late- they bailed on us and made other plans. Soooo...we stay for awhile. I dream of my kids running around a larger home and yard, but that will have to wait I guess. And these boxes will continue their existence as odd entertainment.

Saturday, September 15, 2012