Monday, March 31, 2008

Brianna's future cosmetologist

Meredith wanted to do Brianna's first haircut this weekend... til she actually saw her and discovered that Brianna has very little hair to cut. And even if she did have a few inches... it would have to be cut over my dead body. See, I have this thing with long hair - I like it. I believe in having long hair. I have a testimony of long hair. You short-haired people... don't worry. It's not too late - hair grows.
Meredith and I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to hair. I love the free trims, the haircuts for Brian... but whether she will admit it or not, she's scissor-happy. I detest that. I think she sees my hair and wants to attack it like a fat kid attacks cake. She tells me I look like a polygamist because my hair is super long, straight, and all one color. What's odd is that I don't think she's ever actually seen a polygamist.... anyways, so I gave in and let her chop off 5 inches and do long layers. This is only 4 months after she had chopped off 6 inches. Next month when I visit Spokane she wants to do highlights. Oh yay, now I can spend the rest of my life worrying about roots.... ugh. bleck. I'll fight her on it. We'll see who wins out.
At one point during our negotiations, she threatened to do it while I'm sleeping. I pointed to Brianna and responded: "HA! You think I sleep?!"

Nonny and Papa

It's amazing how becoming a parent is making me appreciate my own even more.
They came in for the weekend - Grandma Oneita turned 85! We had a way fun get-together with the extended fam. I really love my family. I just think they're the coolest. Brianna loves her family too - she gave her Papa lots of great smiles. And her Nonny really has a way with her... it's almost as if she's had extensive baby experience...
Oh - my dad doesn't always have a red face like this pic shows. He spent Friday skiing at Snowbasin. I'm indescribably jealous.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

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people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bridal/Baby shower

Today was Brianna's first bridal shower. Anne threw a fabulous little shindig. But as you can see... it looks a bit more like a BABY shower than a bridal! Kim has Cianna (2.5 months), I have lil b (6 weeks) and Anne has Beckett (4 weeks). Crystal has Jordan Hillam (future husband). Crystal, Anne, Kim and I were supertight during our highschool years (actually - Kim goes back to Elementary days). So this get-together was SO fun for us! We stayed almost 3 hours...which for those of you who know my personality...I generally hate staying anywhere for that long. But I could've stayed all day (especially since Anne made such incredibly nummy food!)

Brianna was having a blast, as you can see.
Life of the party.
Yep - asleep nearly the whole time, snuggled in my sling. When she finally woke up, she was slighty upset - realizing she had just missed out on a couple hours of fun. To calm her, I did the pinky trick. Amazing how that works.

Check out the expression on Crystal's face...she can't wait to be a mommy...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

Brianna and I had SO much fun making Easter baskets for Brian's accounts (meaning the auto body shops that refer business to him). We went to the dollar store here in Vernal (which is one of the more popular shopping venues 'round here...and ONLY). I love spending money when it's not my own. We made this a marketing expense. I have promoted myself to the Enterprise Marketing Manager, and am considering asking Brian for my own name tag. Chelsea W can attest to that. Sidenote - when I would misplace my own nametag at UW, I just borrowed hers. Very convenient. So back to baskets - aren't they cute?! And they're not all junkfood - I put granola bars and roasted almonds in there. I spent many years of my life being uber-healthy (pregnancy nixed that), so I try to be sensitive those who still treating their bodies as temples. Excuse me now while I go look for the leftover jellybeans.

I actually feel somewhat guilty for celebrating Easter in such a secular way. Last Sunday, Marta and Sam Smith put on a fabulously inspiring fireside about Christ's last days and the Resurrection. It's really sad how our society has turned the most important event in the history of mankind into pink bunnies, chickies and duckies. I mean - I'm totally ok with a little egg hunt on Saturday... but how do I teach Brianna the real significace? (Starting next year, of's a little too early now. I can't even keep her awake long enough to finish a feeding)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

11.4 ! ?

We have a very scientific method of weighing Brianna...Brian gets on the scale, weighs himself (he's a whooping buck-ninety), then I hand him lil b and we do the math. According to the Vernal airport scale - which they swear is 100% accurate - she is 11 pounds, 4 ounces!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Thankyou, Amara my friend, for hooking me up with this sling! Actually, I believe it is called a "Baby Cocoon." Vanessa makes them - she's the girl in the background on one of the pics.

Brianna LOVES being carried around in it all day! It's so sweet - she just curls up in a little ball and stares at me. I can even feed her while wearing it! And the best part - I get TWO FREE HANDS! Never thought I'd be so excited about that.... the things you take for granted in life... sheesh.

It's even more fun when Brian wears it with her. Though sometimes she'll start rooting around, which could potentially be quite painful for her daddy...
If anyone wants one of these slings, call Vanessa 472-8751. It's always nice to support another mom's home business. Especially when it means getting a flippin sweet sling.

Monday, March 17, 2008

First stroller ride

Thankyou, Grandma, for the garage-sale stroller that can handle the rough roads of Vernal. And thankyou to my McKell-inlaw-sisters for the Protect-A-Bub windbreaker stroller cover! Brianna stays warm and happy, and I keep my sanity intact by being able to get out of the house.
The jogging stroller is still pending assembly by the too-busy ERAC superstar. Warmer weather would help too, so she doesn't freeze...since I run sooooo fast these days (HA!)
When we move back to Provo fulltime, I want people to join us on our stroller-walks! Currently accepting applications.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

He is a Great Grandpa

Brian's Dad's Dad is Grandpa McKell - probably the sweetest elderly man in the world. He was so excited to be holding two little greatgrandbabies - the 88 year old man was almost giddy.

Brianna likes him so much - she decided to smile for the first time caught on camera!


McKay Smith is Brianna's cousin in Seattle, born just 19 days after her. He is Chelsea's brother Dave's youngest child.

Brianna's cousin Allison is just 4 months older than her! Allie is Brian's sister Ashley's first baby.

Brianna has 3 other cousins born within a few months of her - Kandalyn McKell, baby boy Smith (Brian and Becky are due in May), and Nathan Smith (Steve and Megs youngest baby), 5 months older than Brianna.
So, basically.... Brianna doesnt even need friends. She has enough cousins to hang out with!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who you lookin at?!

"Mom, why ya always gotta point that camera-phone at my face?! Sheesh!"

Chillin in Vernal

And why would we be chillin in VERNAL?! Good question! It definitely wasn't my first pick... the most exciting thing here is the Dinosaur museum, and even that place is kinda dead (get it... dinosaurs, dead... LAUGH IT'S FUNNY).
We live here just during the weekdays. Brian, the ERAC superstar, has opened the first Enterprise branch out here at the Vernal airport (yes, they have an airport. I was shocked too. Electricity and running water as well!) He is doing AWESOME. He started in December with just 10 cars in his fleet, and he just hit FIFTY today! So he's basically my sugardaddy now. What do I do all day in Vernal? Brianna. 24/7 Brianna. And I LOVE it!
We will be done here in about 2 months, then be back in Provo fulltime. Til then, big thanks to our Nepalite neighbors who are guarding our home with shotguns.

Brianna thinks Vernal is really, really exciting. Really exciting.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blessing day

Brianna's blessing day! She borrowed this little dress from Allison Christiansen, her cousin in Iowa. The blessing went great - my Dad, Brian's Dad, and Brian's Grandpa McKell were there to do the blessing at church. Brianna must have been a little emotional at the thought of all these great men around her, because she cried through the whole blessing.... =)
I was especially happy to have my brother Steve and his family there. He and Meg drove 10 hours from Sacramento with FOUR kids! My cousin Tucker came, and many of the Berretts were there, Rhett and Jules came, Brian's siblings... and my entire ward came to church just for the blessing!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Explanation/comments to be added.... baby needs me