Monday, August 31, 2009

besides this part, the lake trip was awesome

Mom and Dad would've come to the window to thank us for our beautiful musical tribute to them on their 38th anniversary... but they were too busy in bed. PUKING.

My brother Brian says I'm uninvited from next year's family reunion. My brother Dave says I can go if I get myself vaccinated beforehand.

Yeah - like I WANTED to infect nearly all my family members with a 12 hour flu!

MY Brian wasn't upset with me for being the disease carrier. His bout wasn't too bad. He simply laid in bed for the 12 hours (with just 2 bathroom trips) and read all 400 pages of Grisham's The Firm.
Fortunately, Brianna and Lilia were amongst the individuals spared from this ruthlessly contagious strain. Dave and his 3 boys were also spared. He claimed it was their regular fast food consumption that immunized them.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So you don't miss me too much...

I've caught up on blogging! So in case you have nothing better to do - or just really love me - please enjoy the next bazillion posts while we're gone for a week.

Cousin Dean

This is the cool kid Brianna will be spending a week with next month in AZ. He's about 3 months younger than Brianna, but a couple pounds heavier. Good thing - he'll need that weight to stand up to his more-aggressive cousin. Dean's the most laid-back, easy-going toddler you'll ever meet.

6 inches


Lily likes Elmo too!

Meeting Lily

I finally got to meet Lilia Eliane Smith. After missing her birth by just a few hours, I was pretty eager to get this baby in my arms. I have a lot of neices and nephews, but Lily is extra special. It's hard to explain why. I just know that her and I will be supatight and Brianna will be her best cousin-friend. That is, if Brianna ever gets over her jealously issues... every time I hold or play with another baby (or any other child, for that matter), she gets a little upset. She'll start saying, "hol you, hol you!" (versus "hold ME," as she should be saying - we're working on using correct pronouns). I pretend to be annoyed, but secretly I like it.

Water Park at Shadle Pool

fuzzy pink shoes

Allowing my daughter to wear the shoes she picks out, even when they're ridiculous-looking, makes me a good mom, right?

Running from scissors

Forgot to post this - here are the invites I made for my party last Monday (for non-facebook friends). I had to pull out the paper, scissors, glue, markers... made me feel like a scrapbooker {shuddering at the thought}

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Warm sandy beaches of ... Spokane

Pics from last month's lake trips:
(Riley creek on Pend Oreille. Long lake for cliff jumping. Vantage beach on the Columbia River).