Friday, April 26, 2013

Chelly Belly

In a few more weeks, I'll look like this again.
Heck, after a big meal, I already do.

I hope I don't sound whiney. Cuz I'm trying not to be. This is EXACTLY what I want. Super duper happy to have #4 on the way. But couldn't we skip the whole getting-fat thing?

Cuz I don't get that cute basketball belly like other girls do. The best way to describe my belly is a bosu ball, on it's side. Long and thick and massive. And I get pregnant in my face and bum and basically all over. There's no way around it. I'm just going to be a blob for the next many many months.

Of course I'll keep up the running and weight training. And I eat super healthy. I kicked the sugar habit last Dec/Jan and haven't gone back since. But it doesn't matter. The muffin top will come regardless of the fact that I don't eat muffins.

But it's all good. I'm feeling fine - none of that morning sickness stuff. I decided to skip that part of pregnancy since I heard it's not very fun.  Brianna's super duper excited.**Here's a video** of us announcing it to the kids. Brianna has now come to term with the fact that it might be a boy and that's ok. Baby boys are awesome. Bennett, if he knew what was going on, would definitely agree. That little man needs a brother!  So send masculine wishes our way.

FAQ, answered:  I think I'm 12 weeks. Maybe more, maybe less. So maybe due around Halloween. Maybe Thanksgiving. Maybe Flag Day...(whenever that is)  Point: I don't know. And it doesn't matter enough to me to go rushing off to the doc. Whoever the "doc" is going to be. I've got some major healthcare provider and location choices to figure out, and it's waysuperextremelymaddeningly complicated in my little brain. So my solution thus far has been to not think about it! I forget I'm pregnant most of the time. Until I feel my belly and think, sheesh gf, lay off the muffins!  :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jumping wimp.

We always have an hour to kill a couple times a week, after I go to the gym and before we pick up Brianna from Karate-Preschool.  Usually we go to the grocery store, or a play at a park, or go to McDonalds so the twins can play while I use the free wi-fi and get work done.....
But today we just got to Miss K's home early and jumped on her trampoline for an hour.  It was lovely. At several points I just laid down and let the kids jump all over me. The sunshine felt amazing.
I wimped out on doing flips. The closest I got was a somersault.  What's wrong with me.... the older I get, the more cautious I am about doing anything risky. I'm even more nervous about where I go running. Years ago, I would've crossed any barrier, ignored any No Trespassing sign... now I stay on the trail. In daylight hours only. I could say I'm "doing it for the kids," since leaving them motherless would be a big bummer. But really, I'm just turning into a wimp.
Or, of course, I could just blame it on the pregnancy..... but I've always wanted avoid being one of those women... the ones blaming everything and excusing everything because of being pregnant. It's not that big of a deal. So there's a tiny person growing inside me. I should still be able and willing to flip around on a trampoline. And run fast. And lift heavy. And leap over tall buildings in a single bound. But no... I lazily lay on warm trampolines while 2 yr olds jump all over me.   What have I become....

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pink friends

Brianna got to do one of her mostest favoritest activities today - a birthday party. Her cute little friend Ella, from her preschool class, turned 5. 
Her mom is the adorable-party-thrower type, so everything was perfectly tied to the PINK theme... the invites, decoration, treats (even pink bread for the mini sandwiches!), party favors, games, etc. And 8 little girls all dressed totally pink. 
Proudly embracing femininity. 
The only problem with these parties is that it sets an expectation that sadly Brianna will likely not get to experience. 
Cuz throwing something like this, while fun to send my child off to, sounds so maddeningly time consuming and ridiculous to me. 
I'm going to be the parent that says, "Ok, for your birthday, you can choose 2 friends and we'll all go skiing." Things like that. 

 I hope she'll take that bait.

Post-party, we hung out at the community volleyball pit/beachy sand pit.
For 2 entire hours.
My phone died, so I didn't even get to do anything productive.
I just laid there on the grass, soaking up the much needed sun, watching my little ruffians do what kids are meant to do.

Lovely lazy afternoon.
(Which I paid for later - scrambling to get a bazillion emails and phone calls squeezed in before Friday work hours ended. I failed. I suck at this whole "working" thing).

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anything for Homework

We are inside of a climbing castle cave at a park doing Brianna's preschool homework.

Because that's where she wanted to do it.

Nevermind the freezing temperatures.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Conference weekend

General Conference weekend used to be a lot more relaxing BC  (before children).  Now it's more of a quest to get as much out of it as possible, while keeping the children alive.
But as Brianna's getting older, we can get her more involved. Recognizing the speakers, picking out words/topics in the messages, etc.
Brian's favorite part of GC weekend: the post-conference Filipino Fireside in SLC! We haven't gone in years, for obvious reasons. But Brian got to go this year - with his cute little date! He texted me this picture. She's undoubtedly enjoying every second of this exclusive Sunday adventure.

PS - This was an "historical" GC, because for the first time, a woman gave one of the prayers. Apparently that hasn't happened before. Not for any real reason... just hadn't happened.
Annnnd... it was a little anticlimatic.   Like.... whoopdeedoo.
Honestly, I wouldn't have even NOTICED that it was a different experience hearing a female voice offer the prayer versus a male, had it not been for all the media hoopla in the preceding weeks. Call me anti-feminist or whatev, but it feels so utterly trivial to obsess over things like this. Elder Ballard's talk (while monotone) hit it on the head. No wilted tomato plants!  :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Girl games

It's so interesting to watch my girls play.
They come up with the most odd little pretend games.
Featured here is, "Nap time in the forest."

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Princess Fairy Floaty Gas


Monday, April 1, 2013

cousin pool party

We had a lovely weekend! Dave and his fam, Brady and his fam, Lindsay and Coug, Brian and Becky, and my parents + Lily all came into town for Grandma's 90th. I hope I get around to posting more of the pics taken. But I haven't been stellar about long posts lately (they seem overwhelming. Like cleaning my room).  But I'm good at short posts (because they seem manageable. Like vacuuming one room).  So here's one of the highlights: swimming at the Best Western hotel!  Left photo: Uncle Brian tossing fearless Courtney in the air, with Daddy-Brian carting b & b around the pool.  Gotta teach those guppies to swim.