Sunday, June 17, 2007

Obviously, this picture is NOT in our garden.... it's an autographed Deron Williams (Jazz) jersey. We won it at the Emery County Fair. It's supposedly worth $2-300.... but to WHO?!
So I'm posting this to ask whoever is reading ... where do I sell this giant-size tank top?

More flowers - don't know what these are called, but I love them because even if I skip watering them for a few days, they still looks gorgeous.

The strawberries, with a little squash in the back and on the left. Yeah, I know my layout and placement of everything isn't too conventional or organized... when I said "we went out one day and stuck seeds in the ground," I really meant that literally. We just stuck them wherever we felt like it, thus ended up with our BEAUTIFUL picasso-type garden layout.


Honestly, even if we did not get a single squash from these plants, we would still just adore them. They grow so fast and so ginormous, I love it! The center one is on steroids.

Tomato plants. Got the starts from a guy in my ward that planted like 200 in a greenhouse, but only needed a dozen of them, so he announced them for free during Sunday School. Gotta love those Mormons.

Next year I will plant a TON of tomatoes, and attempt the whole canning-salsa procedure. Brian would say "wow, you're like domestica."

(squash in the background).

Petunias. Dad planted like 12 of these, all different colors. I like pinching them.

Center backyard view.

There are some blackberry bushes in the back right, but they aren't doing so hot. I don't really want to talk about them, it's too painful...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Right side of garden - again notice the sweet bricks. I just need some cool patio furniture out there....

We have tubing around the grass (got it from freecycle!), although Dad corrects me everytime I say tubing. Edging is the proper name, I think....

See those strawberries? The former owner planted those (yay!), and we got a few nice bowl fulls this year. The BIG plants are our SQUASH and PUMPKINS! It is just amazing how such tiny seeds can develop into jumungous plants. They are getting jumungouser every day, it's awesome. There is also 4 tomato plants in this pic, as well as a rhubarb (thank you Grandma!) and more flowers in the back. Honestly - here's my view on flowers: they're pretty and all, and look nice in a garden....but are highly unpractical, especially as they take up room that could be used to plant vegetables. Next year, the only flowers in our garden will be the ones that survive the winter and come out by themselves. We need room for all the REAL garden goods!

Left side - cute brick pattern, eh? I can't take credit for that - DAD came into town and showed off his green thumb skillz one day as a surprise to me. He's my hero.
Notice the two rose buses - red and pink! And the Iris in the back, the "snow bushes", petunias, squash plants, and vinca on the left back side. Oh, and the freshly mowed grass, courtesy of Brian McKell, master mower. We have grass. That's so cool. Seriously, having my own grass makes me feel all grown up.

Entering the backyard garden... (close the fence behind you - the neighbor has EIGHT CATS that I am on a crusade to keep out of my garden.)

Welcome to our Blog!

I don't know why most people create blogs... but it is probably for much more significant reasons than ours: we just want to show off pictures of our garden. It's our first time having a house of our own, thus the opportunity to try out this whole "gardening" craze. I've heard everyone's doing it lately - it's way IN. So we went outside one day and stuck a bunch of seeds in the ground. To our great joy, green stuff popped out! The whole thing is really a daily enjoyment for us, as we water and weed and watch it all grow.....
So I'm posting garden pictures. Scintillating, I know. Try to take deep breaths and stay calm.
I'll post other stuff too.
Pics from our world travels, cute pictures of Brian... and cute pictures of another little someone else in February! ;)