Monday, May 30, 2011

Fam visit

My parents, Mere and Lily, and Lindsay and Cougar all came to visit a few weeks ago. It was absolutely delightful!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pretty in purple

Just wanna cuddle up with these two!
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

U2 not YouTube

When I called my mom, *screamingfreakingout*, yesterday afternoon to tell her we got tickets to U2, she asked in confusion, "why would you need tickets for YouTube? I thought it was free online."
Silly mama.
Seriously, I've only dreamed a little bit about attending this concert, because I figured it was a waste of thought. These tickets are super expensive, and always sell out so fast.
So when Brian called around noon, saying one of his customers just tried to bribe him for a free upgrade with U2 tickets, I thought he was just teasing me. I kept saying, "that's not funny Brian." I didn't even start my frantic search for a babysitter until he came home for lunch and I saw the tix myself. And then I still thought this couldn't really be happening, because the tickets were dated June 2010. But I guess the original concert a year ago had to be rescheduled cuz Bono needed back surgery. On stage, he talked about his new spine, and thanked the Germans for operating on him so well.

As if this couldn't get any better, we found awesome free parking nearby, and our nose-bleeder seats were taped off when he got there (over an hour late, and missed the opening band, The Fray.) We went to guest services, and sadly, they had no seats left....except amazingly good ones!! No one was closer to the stage than us, except the people standing the whole time. And standing up for 3 hours squished next to strangers doesn't sound like fun to me. Maybe I'm too old and mommyish for cool concerts. But I was quite content to rock out from our seats (except when we had to stand cuz the drunks in front of us were standing and dancing with their bums in our faces).
The pyrotechnics and other special effects were unbelievable and very entertaining. Though I couldn't help but think... isn't Bono supposed to be an environmentalist?  Nothing green-friendly about the 50 semi trucks parked outside the arena for transporting all their stage props.  Seriously... I'd be quite thrilled to have a simple acoustic concert with no hoopla, and donate all the freakish amount of money spent on the bells and whistles to orphans in Africa.  F'rills.
Bono is a weirdo . He was doing some freak-out dances and some odd fan-interactions (like having 3 girls come on stage and then laying in their laps). And making a bunch of nonsense political statements. But still, it felt so awesome hearing some favorites played live. Elevation, Beautiful Day, Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, With or Without You, All I Want is You, Walk On, Pride (In the Name of Love), Where the Streets Have No Name.... but there were also several songs I didn't know, and really didn't care for. Like when the whole crowd joined in on "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy."  Wasn't crazy about that. Or about how deaf I was the rest of the night. I'm glad I woke up this morning with my ears healed.
Brian had a really good time rockin' out too. I'm so glad, because our last concert together was Josh Groban, and I don't think he enjoyed that one  (maybe because I screamed "I love you Josh!" when Mr. Groban came right next to our row).  But I don't think we'll have any more concert adventures in the near future. Apparently our babies did not appreciate us being gone, and our poor babysitter (my eldest cousin's daughter) had a rough, late night. I'm glad we had the self-control to leave the concert early (it was seriously hard. I wanted to stay to the end. Bad). At least Brianna was easy for the sitter. She woke up this morning asking "where's that girl??" and "where did you go, mommy? Did you make new friends?"
So I guess when all our kids are at least 3, we'll be free again to be roadies.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nonny's happy place

I love the concept of a "happy place" - somewhere you go in your mind when life isn't peachy. Mine is on a kneeboard behind a boat on an 85 degree summer day flying across a flat beautiful lake in Washington.
What's yours?
I think perhaps my mom's happy place might be surrounded by her grandmunchkins:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

6 years!

TODAY, in bullet points:

-Happiest day in a long time
-Been on an adrenaline-filled high
-On the phone, Meredith informed me I sounded like I was on crack.
-Started with my husband of exactly 6 years letting me sleep in until the last second possible before having to get up for my race.
-He had been up with the male twin since 6am, writing me the sweetest card I've ever received from him. Made me cry.
-Had a great 5K at Smith's in Farmington. Felt so good - my knee is getting so much better.
-Had a great shopping trip at Smith's filled with lots of killer deals on good stuff, courtesy of those awesome orange clearance stickers. Saving money makes me ridiculously happy.
-Came home to 3 happy kids and a husband tackling the 5 ft tall stack of laundry.
-Got in the car to go to a 5K in Rose Park. Got another great workout - and oddly, the exact same time and finishing place as the first 5K.  I've had a handful of double-fun-run Saturdays in my life, and as bizarre as I know doing this seems, I get an awesome adrenaline rush from it.
-Brianna cheering "GO MOMMY!" makes my world.
-Spent a few hours yard sale shopping in beautiful Spring weather with Brianna. She's a fun shopping buddy.
-Scored TONS of fabulous finds at end-of-the-day prices. To name a few:  a semi-formal dress for the evening's anniversary date ($5), a new plate set ($2), a couple Disney movies to complete our collection (.50), three pairs of shoes for Brianna (.75), Melissa&Doug abacus (new, $1), about a dozen cute summer shirts for me (.25-$1 - especially exciting, since my closet is full of summer shirts I absolutely can't wear while at nursing-twins size), peanut Halloween costumes for the babies ($1), new snow bibs for Brianna ($2), books and coloring books for Brianna (.25)... I'll stop now. Obviously, I get pretty excited about this stuff. It would be embarrassing if I had a little more pride. But I'm shamelessly in love with great deals on great stuff.
-Came home and speed-cleaned the house to prep for babysitters.
-Yes, babysitterS.  Two of them.  I feel much better knowing we're not going to overwhelm some poor teenager, and risk our kids not getting the attention to their needs they deserve.
-Brian took me to Christopher's Prime Steakhouse and Grill. It's one of those super fancy-schmancy places where you only see ridiculously wealthy old men and their (ahem) dates at. Average entrĂ©e price was about as much as our weekly shopping bill. Thank goodness for the Entertainment book, making it all half price.
-I did a good job not freaking out at spending so much money. I threw a mini-tantrum, but got over it and just enjoyed the disgusting opulence.
-My two cute 1st-cousins-once-removed did a wonderful job for four whole hours. I paid them each $20 and their eyes got wide and jaws dropped. So funny.
- I asked Brianna what she did with her babysitters and she said, "nothing. Just cleaned up the mess before you got home."

-We went to the same place we got married. I was surprised that the few people we told our plans to had a negative reaction to our date idea. Like it's nerdy or boring to go to the temple. Whatev. For us, there's nothing that brings us closer or helps us overcome our differences more than being reminded of the blessing of our eternal marriage. I honestly walked out of there a little more in love with Brian than when I walked in.
-I got a phone calls from Dick's Market. The entry form I had compulsively scribbled our info onto was actually pulled out and we won! Nothing huge - a bag of groceries worth $15 - but it made my day.  Well, kinda. Today was so great and full of made-my-day moments that this just blended in.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bloggy makeover

I woke up this morning and suddenly decided I hated the way my blog looked. It was annoying me to death. Like the feeling of a loose hair strand falling down my arm  (you know what I'm talking about, right?)

I'm not totally thrilled now, but it was worth sacrificing my precious hour of all-3-kids-napping to simplify my bloggy world. I feel like a whole new woman now.

Monday, May 16, 2011

She is 88 and kickin'

Residing near my only living Grandparent is a first for me, and a blessing. Most of the time. Sometimes it's hard because I always feel guilty for not visiting enough. My goal is once a week, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Today we made it happen, and it felt good to brighten her day.
Well, I hope we brightened her day. We entertained her, at least. Bennett clapped for her everytime she asked, Brianna kept taking the snacks from her snack dish and Courtney was obsessed with pulling herself up on the fireplace ledge to stand. Grandma told me I'm quite the circus to watch, feeding one baby after another and trying to keep them all happy while keeping up a conversation with her. Maybe I should start selling tickets to my circus show.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Their first duet

Ladies and Gents, Give it up for.. the BenCor duo!
Courtney's got the mic for vocals, Bennett's the pianist.  For obvious reasons.
Any requests?
That's right, brotha, gimme a middle C....

(lyrics copyright protected, yo)

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Isn't it funny how with the first baby, developmental milestones are really exciting and earth-shattering and memorable...
And now with subsequent babies, I just think - oh dang it, I have to go write that down somewhere before I forget.

Courtney was discovered this evening, screaming in her crib (I ran in immediately because it was a weird scream), STANDING UP holding on to the side. She's never done that before. Just a couple days ago she started pulling herself up to a leaning-over standing position on my leg when I'm sitting on the ground, but never like this - full standing. Annnnddd.... she's crawling all around the house. Like a couple days ago I left the babies playing with toys in the front room to go quickly grab a shower... and before I was done I saw her little head poking around the corner.  Saying ma ma ma maaa mmma.  No joke.  But Brian doesn't feel bad, because she also says DADA over and over when he gets home, or when asked to say it. I guess that qualifies as her first word, which is noteworthy. She might want to know about her first word someday. Or not. Cuz I, personally, am pretty uninterested in what my own first word was. I guess I'm just shocked when these babies do anything new, because I expect them to be really late in their milestones because they're so small, and they're twins. Which is ridiculous of me, and just as ignorant as the people who ask me if they're identical or fraternal twins.  OH, and Courtney also does a "game" with me - when we're laying down together, she smiles at me and plops her head onto me for a couple seconds, then gets up and laughs, then plops her head back down. Over and over again, as long as I'm laughing with her. It's so amazing to feel like we're communicating on some level.

Bennett? He scoots, not crawls, and doesn't say mama or dada. But maybe we can count CLAP as his first word, because he says "aahh PUH" and claps wildly several times a day, including when asked to. And when he's in trouble  (like the other day he bit me and I sternly reprimanded him - he just looked at me, smiled and started clapping. Not humanly possible to be upset with a smiling, clapping boy).  He also claps when Brian gets home.
I think that's everyone's favorite milestone of the day.

Friday, May 13, 2011

New little man

I already posted about this. And NO ONE commented.
So either:
a) you hate the haircut and are choosing to say nothing at all than to say something not nice
b) you don't read my blog enough and missed this post  (what could you possibly be doing more important than keeping up with my blog?!)

This is your last chance.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From Grandma's backyard

If you're happy and ya know it - CLAP!
Notice the shirts - Big Sister, Little Sister, Little Brother. Gifts from their Aunt Meredith, obviously (cuz I just focus on keeping them alive - no time for cute clothes shopping!)
2 out of 5 actually looking at the camera. Not bad.
Best attempt at family photo.
A rare shot - Courtney happy and Bennett unhappy (possible because his pants are being worn Grandpa-style and he desperately needs a haircut).
Wish these two lived closer!
Best cousin buddies.  Except when they both wanted the same thing. Then there was blood on the floor.

How 'bout them apples

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm holding my family a little closer tonight.

You have to read this man's story and tribute to his wife.
Have a large case of tissues handy.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bennett gets a little dramatic

I'd think he has digestion problems if this wasn't the face he makes EVERY day while taking care of business.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Since I didn't exactly write a novel for the babies' last age milestone, Brianna gets one for hers.
We've officially survived the terrible twos and entered the treacherous threes. It seems like everyday she's understanding new concepts and learning new skills. That's not always a good thing. But it keeps life from ever getting mundane. Even simple things amaze me - like how she can now reach water fountains by herself, and climb up the pantry shelves, dress herself appropriately, buckle herself in, and even understand some abstract ideas - like telling me what she dreamt about the night before (though I'm betting she's making it up, because she just responds with random nouns, like "Crayons! Nonny! Monsters!")
Brianna can be an incredibly sweet, fun little cuddly girl one minute, and the next be throwing an oscar-worthy tantrum. But being a little smarter now, her tantrums involve debating and being sneaky with me. Like when I tell her that she gets to go to her friend's house after naptime... she lays on her bed for 2 seconds, closing her eyes and smiling, then jumps up and announces she's done napping and is ready to go. So I've learned to be careful about what I tell her to look forward to. Although sometimes it's a great motivator - if she asks for a treat, and I tell her she has to eat "real" food first, she will absolutely gobble down anything I want her to - quickly and happily. She loves her treats - lollipops and popsicles being at the top of the list. But overall, I think she's a great eater. I don't anyone to compare her to, but I'm pretty sure she's a better eater than most of her peers. She eats raw veggies most everyday, drinks water and breakfast smoothies, asks for more peas in her mac n' cheese, and celebrates the arrival of our co-op Bountiful Basket produce on Saturdays. I'm pretty sure she's on the large end of the charts - 35 pounds, according to our scale. But we'll see at the doc's office later today.
Brianna often says "No, thankyou" which I love hearing. So much more pleasant than just NO.
She rarely will talk on the phone to anyone. I can bribe her into having short conversations or just repeating what I tell her to say.
She usually doesn't like going to bed, and sometimes it's a battle of endless requests (I need water! Tuck me again! More stories!), but about once a week will suddenly announce, "I'm tired. I need to go sleep" and march straight to her cute little toddler bed without a peep. With her blanket, of course. That tattered thing is gold to her. Though one night we couldn't find it, and I convinced her to sleep with "Daddy's special blanket" as a replacement. She also still goes to bed with her thumb in her mouth. Her sucking is very passive, so it won't do any damage to her teeth. But hopefully she kicks the habit for good before she gets married, cuz that'd just be awkward.
Brianna randomly RROOARRRSS at people. It's always funny to me, though sometimes I think she means it as a real insult.
She has loved Nursery at church since day one, but just recently figured out that most of her girlfriends graduated to Primary. Brianna missed the cutoff. Now she's not too happy about the separation and being sent to play with the "babies." I'm totally ok with her being in Nursery another year though. I think she'd have a tough time sitting through Sharing Time/Singing Time.
She wears 4T clothes. Occasionally 3T or 5T. Size 8 shoes fit the best, though she has some 7.5 sizes. She likes to put shoes on herself and is frustrated by her lack of ability to accomplish this with certain pairs. To take her shoes off, she just shakes and FLINGS her feet around til the shoes fly off.
From Brianna's birthday party!  All the girls got to create their own picture frames for this photo.
She likes watching movies and watches way more than I care to admit. Favorites are Dora, Veggie Tales, Barney, Toy Story, Thomas, and "Jesus Movies" on Sundays. We don't have TV service so she doesn't know many others than those favorites. I avoid Disney movies because they all have some really scary parts and several teach lessons I'd like to avoid (Ariel and Belle's disobedience, for example. I know I sound so prude.) She sits on her Elmo chair with her blanket to watch her shows, and I sometimes bring her a little plate of fruit and veggies to munch on. Probably not the best lesson to teach - eating while show watching. Just add that to the list of parenting no-no's I told myself I'd never commit. But the fun result of this is that she'll randomly use phrases she learns from her movies, like "You're a toy, you can't fly!" and Spanish words from Dora, which she usually slaughters.
Brianna's big brown eyes are just beautiful. They really seem to light up when she's happy.
I could go on and on.  I'll stop now - gotta go enjoy playing with my 3 year old!


That's the number of views a video I posted of Brianna going down the stairs (at 8 months old) has had!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


How old are your babies?
9 months!

How are they doing?

How are you doing?

Tell the truth!
You don't want to know the truth. Just focus on the good front I put on. We're all PERFECTLY FINE ALL THE TIME.

Right. Sooo....are the babies crawling?
Kindof. The monkey-scooting crawl thing. They can get across a room, but not with correct form. And I refuse to teach them correct form, because then they might move even faster than they already do. They also like to crawl up onto my lap and try to stand on me. Courtney especially likes to be held up in the standing/walking position. It's kindof upsetting. Can't they just STAY DOWN?!

We're skipping the 9-month checkup, but on our scale Bennett is 18.8, Courtney is 17.6. At this age, Brianna was 19.8!

Speaking of weight... What about you - you know the rule - 9 months up, 9 months down... So you've lost the baby weight, right?
Shutup. No.   =P  Eight pounds to go. Totally my fault, can't blame anyone or anything else anymore! I exercise a lot, and eat healthy, but just too much. Sure, I eat right.... I eat RIGHT NOW.  There's a skinny girl inside of me, wanting to get out.... but I shut her up with carbs.

Way to change the subject. Courtney has 3 top, 2 bottom. Bennett has 2 top, 2 bottom. It was a rough few weeks getting those out. Drooling, crying, chewing....and the babies were doing that too.   :)   But I think we're getting a little break now. Hopefully. I had anxiety during every feeding that they would draw blood (again!)

Man, how do you DO it?
Well, I kinda have to. Or the neighbors will keep calling CPS on me.   =)
The "one day at a time" phrase has never ever never never been more applicable.

Like most babies - they love being outside, being carried in my wrap, being sung to/spoken to, toys (esp. the off-limit ones, like my phone and laptop), Daddy coming home, being tossed in the air or flung upside down (gently :), being tickled, rolling balls, music.... Bennett especially enjoys splashing. Courtney appreciates highchair time. But really, not to brag.... I'M their favorite. Nothing gets them as happy as mommy's attention. Huge boost to my self esteem.

Courtney doesn't want me to sit in chairs while feeding her. Bennett hates loud noises like the blender and shower. Both don't like me cleaning their ears or picking at their flaky skin (though oddly, I kindof enjoy it). Both are wary of strangers but warm up to friendly faces quickly. Both have a healthy fear of their wild older sister.

Ugh. Do we have to address that topic? I'm so torn. Some nights I think, "that's it! We're starting sleep training tomorrow! No more nice mommy!" And other times I think, "You train dogs, you parent children. Ignoring their cries for me would be as pleasant and last as long as holding my breath underwater." So that leaves me with babies who still eat a couple times each night. But at least I know they're developing a good sense of security! And no supply-issues that happen to so many bfing women who get those lovely 8 hours of uninterrupted zzzs. I keep telling myself I'll get tougher when they turn one. They nap well though. Twice a day for an hour (or three!) each. Sometimes even at the same time as Brianna's nap (yes she still naps everyday!) and I get some precious me-time, where I can do ridiculously long blog posts that I doubt many actually read.

Does Bennett look like you, and Courtney look like Brianna?
Apparently. I'm told that quite often. I don't really see it.

How long ya gonna keep breastfeeding?
Good question. A few more minutes. Then we'll switch sides. Then it's Courtney's turn, but I'll have to get off this chair of course (why must she be so particular?!). No more tandem feedings. They try to gauge each other's eyes out. I don't like playing referee. But I love nursing my babies!

They munch on a few things. I really see it as just experimentation at this young stage. But I've done a few fun blender mixes, and they eat it happily enough. I feel very protective of them and their diets, because others - including Brian - think it's green-light now for feeding them whatever. OhMyNO! I'll relax when they're older.  Like.... 18.  They also get lots of exposure to bacteria, boosting their immune systems, from eating off the floor. The 5-second rule is more like the 5-hour rule around here. 

Twenty years from now, when you look back at this stage in your life, what do you think you'll remember?  
Sitting on the floor all day long taking care of them. And our stroller walk freak show, where everyone gawks at me wearing one baby and pushing two in the cadillac stroller. And going days and days without ever using the car. It's just easier to sit on the floor and stay home.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bennett's First Haircut

A few tears were shed as Bennett went from baby to little boy.
From me, of course, seeing my baby look not so babyish, and by Mr. Bennett himself, who strongly disliked the buzzing noise. 
Meredith thought she'd do it all - hold the boy, and buzz him. That didn't work so well.
This position worked much better.
I've always been a little anti-haircuts for my kids.... I like to let their beautiful precious locks grow wild and free however they like. But Bennett's head was turning into a real mop. And it was kindof odd that he had 5x the hair his twin sister had. Plus, I was having a hard time finding Bennett's ears under his long hair. At least that much had to go. And since we were losing the haircut virginity, might as well go full missionary-style trim, right?
  I love the clean-cut look on a little man!
Halfway through the cut, we paused for photos of the mohawk.

Bennett celebrated his new 'do with a set of pushups.
Posing for the finale.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm not alone.

This is the Salt Lake Mothers of Twins Club - at least the ones that showed up to the last activity. It was at Sugarhouse Park (LOVE that place!) and included a double-stroller parade, balloons, breakfast, matching t-shirts, and Easter Egg Hunt. It was great meeting new people and doing twin-talk! Betcha can't spot us. Hint: back row.

I'm not retarded at all.
But my friend Sarah is the real supermama- she has TWO sets of twins, plus 3 singles! Yeah, I harass her with questions alllll the time. She's a saint. And so much fun!
I followed the volunteer photographer around until I got up the nerve to ask him to do a quick family photo. He was super nice about it. I have no shame when it comes to freebies, I know.  And I'd challenge anyone to a roundest-face contest. I'll win. I have no cheekbones anymore.

Brianna loved the egg hunt. And GORGING on candy. I had to just walk away and mutter, "where IS that child's mother and why isn't she controlling her..." We're going to have to do a lesson on moderation.