Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March family goals

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Get well notes from my babies

Holding bubbles

Monday, February 27, 2017


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   Ankle feels significantly better today! Swelling down, pain minimal, swimming felt great! I'll never take my healthy body for granted again. At least I'll try harder not to. It's interesting.... we all take things for granted when they're going well and don't realize the blessings til they're gone usually. This little setback I'm experiencing is so inconsequential in comparison to what I see around me.... I have a friend in the hospital, Vanessa, receiving chemo treatments for leukemia. She has three small children. My friend from BYUH, Jeremy, just got diagnosed with ALS. He has six small children and will be in a wheelchair soon. My parents both have aching body parts. Brian's cousins are mourning the loss of their mother. These are just small examples in my little world. Outside of it on a grander scale I know there's much much more and worse suffering.  It's hard to see such good people experiencing sadness and trials.  But I have absolute faith that there's purpose to all of this and that our Heavenly Father is in charge and everything will work out. Just gotta keep believing, working, loving, serving, and choosing joy.   

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Brianna collaged ❤

My little tech savvy first born took my phone for a while and came back with this for me:

Baby fail

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   This is what happens when I try to throw together a diaper cake last minute while nursing a newly sprained ankle and managing 4 wild kids. Not my best work. Whatever. They're just going to get pooped in. I'm actually quite relieved and grateful I made it thru that baby shower at all. Wanted to cancel so bad. But I committed, and was bringing gifts from mom plus Lisa Chaffin, so I made it happen. Had to do the foot pedals with my left foot only while elevating my right ankle. Super safe, right. I had to use crutches to get around. So awkward. I hate getting attention/spotlight like that. I feel like a hypochondriac. Prayingprayingpraying this goes away soon. I need to walk!!  


I sprained my ankle racing down the fireman pole at Get Air and it hurts so freaking bad 😢😷😩😝😖😭😭

No more monkeys sleeping in my bed

Brian's out of town  (Utah, Marilyn's funeral), so these kiddos take it as open invite to invade the empty spot in my bed. An empty spot I actually enjoy spreading out over.
Trying to be kind and loving, since apparently this is the highlight of their little lives...and I do recall as a kid being excited when my dad left on trips, begging to sleep in my mommy's bed....
But i got all of like 3 hours sleep. I like sleep. I need sleep. I don't like the world without sleep.
So....sorry kids...you wanna sleep in my bed? Fine, I'm sneaking out and sleeping in yours!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bball refs

Happy body

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   Coming home from a good workout to this yummy skillet of veggies and eggs is seriously so satisfying  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Byebye green couches!

It's weird how getting rid of furniture pieces that have been part of your everyday,  for years, is kindof a big deal! I'm not super sentimental about STUFF, but it was definitely an odd feeling saying adios to these two staples of our family room. And my parent's family room before that. But it was time! Looking forward to our two new couches coming Friday! Redecorating/refurnishing is fun. And expensive. And...liberating?  I know I'm truly an adult when I buy my own furniture vs accept hand-me-downs :)

Seven going on seventeen

Half day at school,  Mere working, mom and dad at PT appts, so we picked up Lily! Always happy to have her over. Brianna's best little buddy  (most of the time ;)
Lily's been acting very sassy/mature lately, so I told her she's acting like a teenager.  She replied, "hmph, because I AM! Whaddup, PEACE!"
Oye. Here we go!

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   They choose interesting positions while reading... :-)  

My Laurels and THE PLAN ❤

Valentine shopping buddy

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Yellow Valentine gifts from B!!! 💛❣️💛❣️💛❣️💛❣️

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Party crashers

Atttending the North Stake's Family Vday Dance is our tradition....can't stop tradition just because our ward was moved out of their Stake, ha!
We had such a fun time!! I wish Brian was a little less inhibited on the dance floor, but Bennett makes up for him :) I got to dance and chat with friend Shannon, the kids got balloons, Brianna won a prize in the Limbo line, we brought her friends Nova and Kamryn with us, the band was great.... best way to celebrate Valentines! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Birthday hair

She requested a TIARA, so I did my best to oblige!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Her last year of single digital age!

 This nine-year-old chose to spend her birthday morning playing checkers with her daddy while eating dinosaur egg oatmeal, then getting a ride with him to school 💚💛💜❤💙

Sunday, February 5, 2017

They're flying home!!

It's been a weeeeeird weekend not having Brian and my oldest 3 with me....Charity and I have had a lot of QT. And the house has magically stayed very clean. But I'm so glad to get the rest of my babies back!   

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Sometimes she's dressed cute and poses sweetly.
 Sometimes she marches around the house, totally naked, yelling "I WANT NACHOS!!"