Sunday, September 25, 2016


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Friday, September 23, 2016

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   Mult-tasking for Mom  

Monday, September 19, 2016

Telling Sammy Stories

Last Saturday we stopped by Sammy's after the Stake Potluck out in the Valley.  I just love....LOVElovelovelove....the look she gives me when I first walk in. It's just so special. Like she really KNOWS me and is so happy I've come. She starts "talking" to me - and even made a few audible noises today!! That's HUGE - the girl has a TRACHEOTOMY - she shouldn't be able to make noises! But she does! Just barely, and rarely. But I have witnesses. It happened. So cool.  It's SO hard leaving her at the end of our visit. Like SO hard. I want to stay there until she falls asleep so she doesn't have to see me leave. I feel like it makes her sad. 
But wanna know what makes her HAPPY?
Apparently... talking about running with her sisters!!
I started telling her about how Lindsay is coming to visit next weekend and will run a half marathon with Meredith and I. I told Sammy that someday SHE will get to go running with us. And it will be awesome. All 4 of us out running together. With Sammy being the speediest, of course.  
And how did Sammy react?  SHE SMILED SO BIG!!! She was INTENTLY listening to me, and absolutely smiling in response!! It was so awesome.  I can't wait til that running date. It will be the best group run ever. 


We have a really nice, dedicated Home Teacher. David Dorius is a really nice guy, and he brings his 2 awesome kids. Today he left us with some amazing books to borrow - 200 yr old journals from LDS pioneers! He bought these (expensive!) rare books online.  Very interesting to read about all the miracles they experienced!
Now I just gotta work on teaching my kids to be more reverent/calm/respectful when we have someone over. These monkeys' behavior is embarrassing. They were jumping all over.
Duct tape is the obvious solution, right?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How to show mom love on her bday

A video full of clips featuring greetings from every one of her children, their spouses, and grandchildren! Took a bazillion hours and was worth every one of them!

Link to it:

Volunteering in the class!

Ohmyword. One afternoon in Kindergarten and I'm just in AWE at what these teachers do!!! Managing a room full of 20 5&6 year olds is a pretty incredible after day... wow. 
I'm so glad I get to be in there volunteering weekly! Gotta do it while the kids still love having me around, right?!
They've got an awesome teacher (in her 30th year of doing this!!) and are all set to have a spectacular year!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It begins...

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Ready to rock Third!

Monday, September 5, 2016




[Description: Medline]<>

Brian Mckell
Sales Rep-Post Acute Care
Field Sales
Medline Industries, Inc.<>

509-919-1219<tel:509-919-1219> (Phone)
1-800-MEDLINE<tel:1-800-MEDLINE> (Customer Service)<>

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Just the two of us

Where did her siblings go??! 
I miss our usual parade!
Sadly , they escaped off to Seattle with Papa for some wild cousin adventures. 
Gone for a full 2.25 days. 
Life is too quiet easy and calm with just one child to hang out with!

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Had a sweet visit with Sambam on my way home from the temple.
I love that she lives just 4 minutes from it.
 And I love how her face lights up with recognition when she first sees me.
But I hate how I feel when I have to leave... it's heartbreaking.
I want to stay there forever to keep her company.
I wonder if she gets bored.
She doesn't get to go out much, I think.
I wish so badly she could go swimming.
Or get in a walker of some sort to get her body moving more.
Or sprint around through a grassy mountain field singing the Sound of Music with me.... But we'll probably have to save that for after this life.
And I know that there are great things in store for Sammy then.
 I love my sister!

When Charity plays with Bethany....

 Got this text pic from Meg: 
Looking beaut-i-ous!

Phunny hubby

Sometimes I find selfies like this on my phone....and I'm not sure whether I should laugh, or be concerned....

Friday, September 2, 2016

Not sure if this is Quality Time or not....

Hot tub safety?

Creative little twins, eh?

First heartbreak

She found out her bff Olivia is not in her 3rd grade class ....she didnt take it well....

An hour later she was fine. Convinced her they'd have plenty of time together at lunch, recess, etc.
She might be more upset that I took and posted this picture :)

Dear Grandma Oneita...

She loves writing letters to this Great lady!


We spent a lot time and money building this sucker....we need to get more use out of it! Summer was too hot and bright in the evenings to feel like igniting and roasting, so I'm grateful for a cool day like today to enjoy it. Meg and kids came over to join.

My gym buddy

She's too old for the childcare, so she follows me around! 
Occasionally jumping in and doing some exercise, but mostly just working on her Summer Study packets. 
It's really cute. 
Love my sidekick and our summer routine!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

6 yr old vacuumer

This dude's room is all organized and clean- ready for the new school year!  

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Snoozin Cousins!

LAST vbs of the summer!

And we're all OK with that! It's fun and awesome and all....but after 7 rounds of it...even new themes and locations aren't enough to get us excited. We're done. Bring on Fall and school!!:)
(note Lily talking on her Gizmo... crazy fancy new little phone/watch toy!)

She asked me to take her picture

And I couldn't resist. Because I adore every hair on her little head.

Someone has a drinking problem...

Playing with veggies

Every kids plays swordfight with the tops of giant carrots from the garden, right?! 

Smoothie girls

Chillin with lily

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Sometimes she LOVES bath time, sometimes she hates it....but tonight was a good night! No tears, even through the shampooing.  Then allllll the cute faces and random phrases and funny questions we've come to expect from our fantastic little toddler.  She's just a wonderful ball of amazingness and I want to munch on her all day.  

Hello, soup!

That's what Charity said when she glanced into the pot. So cute.
My favorite way to make soup is to just take a can/box of premade soup and add a bunch more veggies and good protein sources!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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   Rode our bikes over to the school, along with a couple friends, and officially signed the twins up for kindergarten! I know, Master procrastinator here :-) but I got exactly what we wanted, the twins are in the same class, and afternoon instead of morning! So happy.  

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Teaching swim lessons!!

Back to my roots!  
I taught swimming lessons for....10 years or so? Something like that. Best job ever.
But what's even better?  Teaching my own kids!! It's so fun! We've been doing formal lessons this week everyday for about an hour, right after lunch at the Y (right after my workout/their childcare play time at the Y.  Yeah, we're at the Y at LOT!)  We've invited others to join us - cousins Lily, Bethany, and friends Ava, Reese, and Maddie. 
They're making excellent progress and are pretty good at following directions! I'm excited to help them get a head start on this important skill. I'd love to get them on a swim team when they're a bit older. I feel like it's such a gift to teach a person how to swim properly (especially with efficient breathing), so that they will always have lap swimming as an exercise option, and be safer in open water. Too many adults can't swim well, it's so sad!  I have a dream, people [lights dim, enter dramatic voice]. I want to have an indoor pool and teach swim lessons to the whole world. For free. It makes me happy. And, not to brag....but I'm pretty good at teaching. I can get these kids doing what they're supposed to do relatively quickly, and while having SO much fun! 
It's so gratifying to see that happy look of pride on their faces when they accomplish something monumental, like their first solo swim across the deep end, or their first dive. I love it.  I just don't know if we should keep this house and add an indoor pool (not much room for it), or move.... 
Oh wait, I have to find an extra 100 grand for it first! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I've been looking forward to taking them here for literally YEARS! Just never made the time. But we finally did it!  SO much fun!! Charity's squeals of happiness were so sweet. And the other's looks of FEAR were pretty entertaining too! Seriously though, I think it's so healthy to do things that scare them. Then they learn to conquer their fears. Right?  We brought Lily, Maddie, and Nonny. It was about 90 degrees outside, which was perfect, because Splashdown doesn't heat the water. I remember coming here in middle school as our end-of-the-year party! So fun to come back with my kids! And it made for some really crazy people-watching. There are lots of weirdos in this world. Some of the tattoos people't believe they actually PAID to have those done.   Anyways... Splashdown. Super rad. Wanna go again asap.

Beet beat

We got the beet we got the beat we got the beeeeet, yeah, we got the beat!  

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Another day at our favorite spot

Summer Days at the lake with the kids are what it's all about!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

snuggly toddler

I could just hold her like this forever!

So grateful for a toddler who loveslovesloves the snuggles. 
Even when we're just sitting in front of the oven examining dinner's readiness :)

BDC not VBS...

But still basically the same thing:) Bible Day Camp at Holy Cross Lutheran was lots of fun! They had a "Rooted" theme...and Cat in the Hat...not sure how those tied in together...but the kids were happy to break away from the Cave Quest theme :) Only one more VBS left for the summer! I wonder if I'll look back in the future and be glad we did all these Vacation Bible School events at the different local churches...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016