Thursday, September 21, 2017


Another year of the Mothers of Preschoolers meetings!
The twins are bummed not to be attending anymore, and Charity was nervous to go solo. But then "LilyAlbi" joined us cuz her mom needed someone to watch her all day, so she's here too!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Running to Chicago to visit an old friend

Right before we left to catch our flight, I quickly went down to the recesses of our basement for a last minute hail-mary search through boxes I haven't touched in yeeeeears to see if I might by chance find something to give or show Jeremy.
Hit the JACKPOT!
This poster was at the bottom - I barely remember ever seeing it myself, let alone putting it in the small box of BYUH running memorabilia I have.
For a moment I selfishly thought... no, *I* want this poster, I don't want to give it away, I'd never be able to get another copy! It's 13 years old! My kids would love to have this!
But reality check - it's been sitting in the box for  years.
And would've kept sitting there for more years. Obviously didn't care about it too much and wouldn't miss it if it were gone.
On the other hand, it had the potential of making the other person in this poster - a guy who has, is, and will go through one of the worst trials I can ever imagine - it has the potential of making him so happy. Of reminding him who he REALLY is - a strong warrior, not just a 30-something losing his body to ALS disease. So I found a giant envelope to protect it and packed it away in my suitcase. I took a picture of the poster so I can print a copy later if I want to. Probably not quite as big as the original, but that's ok. Small sacrifice to make an old friend happy.


I'm a little too excited to be in an airport at 6am...

Giant glowing pineapple


Yep. Got another rabbit.

 Because when you're taking care of 1, might as well get 2 more... then why stop there? 
Seriously though. 
It's a little crazy. 
I didn't want ANY animals. 
Now I have the same number of animals as I have children.  And both - 3 girls, 1 boy!  The new big brown bunny is male. And he might have to go get snippy snipped, because I don't want baby bunnies!  Not that they're in the same change yet... because I don't think they'd all get along....(note all the fur in the cage... the girl bunnies started fighting just SEEING the boy bunny, ugh! Crazy ladies!).
The gold star for good behavior goes to BacaBaca, the guinea pig, as always. She just goes in her big hidey house and chills all day. She gets very excited when I throw a red bell pepper or lettuce in there. 
I like her. 
The others...ugh. I let them stay because somehow this is good for the kids to help care for animals... right? If it's not, someone please tell me, so I can not feel bad re-homing these guys!
But I DO feel bad for them. No one wants them. They're old and fat and cranky. They'd never survive in the wild. They weren't being played with enough at their previous homes, so we had to rescue them. So I'm going to attempt to make these bunnies more kid-friendly! First up - trim the nails!!

Bennett's schoolwork

I love that when Bennett was asked to draw and write about something he wanted to learn this year, his response was "everything" and he drew the creative picture in the lower right - him in the middle of a web, and the little bubbles say 123, abc, life, brains, plays, tae kwon do, animals.

Our first few plums of the year!

Our tree isn't an especially large or successful we definitely appreciate each and every sweet little purple plum we get!

Wonderland golfing with Mom for her birthday

Chillin in the shade with a friend


two tutus

Obsessed with Dills

Friday, September 15, 2017

I made stuff!

My friend Cheryl Raab hosts "Craft Parties" every few months. We sign up for what we'd like to make, she gets all the supplies ready, then we show up and get to work! I spent about 8 hours getting these guys done. Exhausting yet invigorating!! The "Daughter of a King" signs are for Lily and Brianna, I think. Saving for Christmas probably. The big white post and sign are a gift for Mom. The "Farm to Table" was supposed to be a gift for Mom, but it looks good on my yellow front porch table, so we'll see. The "Then Sings My Soul" sign is a decoration atop my piano - symbolic of the fact that I'm a terrible singer, so I love that I can at least play the piano as my sole musical outlet. The "Home" sign I love because seriously - I love being home. And I want it to be Happy Place for my kids too.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


oooooooooo, snuggling with a squishy sleeping toddler has to be the best feeling in the wooooorld! 

Sunday dinner at Nonny's.

It was our first Sunday NOT in the same ward! Our stake boundaries got redefined. My neighborhood is now part of the newly formed Morgan Acres Ward. Pretty exciting! And I'm YW Prez again. I could've been happy NOT getting that calling, but I do enjoy it, so this'll be fine. Mom and Dad were a little bummed to not have us in their ward anymore, but they're mature enough not to dwell on that. We'll still see each other plenty ;) But to make SURE we all still spend Sunday together, Mom invited everyone to a little family get-together. And made a fancy cake! I dressed the girls all matching today, so cute. Meredith seemed to especially love the family time. She brought Bobby for the first time in awhile! Always nice to be with the fam...though honestly, I'd prefer to spend every Sunday afternoon just snuggling my kiddos at home!

What Charity and I do alllllll day....

Just kidding. We don't do this ALL day. Just once. While at the library. And it was lovely.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Decorated for mom's birthday!

Awoke early, inflated the balloons, colored the cards,  wrapped the gifts, collected the decorations, threw kids in car after quick breakfast and lunch pack, zoomed to mom's house while she was out, placed the flowers, plated the cupcake, put up the banners, greeted Dad, tied balloons, attached strings, staged presents, kids back in car, zoomed to school with seconds to spare.  

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Friday, September 8, 2017

Stair sleeper

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

1st day 1st grade!

Fire air

Our air is gross, thanks to crazy fires in Montana.  Or Idaho. Central Washington?  Canada? I dunno. I just know it's yucky and I can't go running outside til it's gone! Not that I run a lot lately....but I like having it as an the Colbert Half Marathon is at the end of the month so I guess I'm doing it....
Anyways, back to the picture.  Ew.
Except for the darling 3 year old of course! Loooove my little buddy. 
She's supposed to be making her hands into a zero for the first day of school...since her siblings held up a 1 or a 4...and she's not doing any formal academics this year (so far, we'll see). But her hands looked more like a heart symbol, which I like even better  <3


We're all just ready and excited! Great classes, great teachers, it's all good!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tae Kwon Do progress

Brianna earned hers first actually, but I just got pictures  of Bennett :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Boy time 👊

Met up with one of my favorite ladyfriends, Maren, for a Discovery Park playdate.
Wish we hadn't chosen the only 100 degree day of the week, but that's ok, still had fun and no one died of heat stroke due to diligent hydration ;)  Visiting here was on our Summer Bucket List anyway, so I'm glad we got it done! It's one of the best parks/splash pads around for sure.
I looooove giving Bennett some "boy time."
He holds his own and has a great time playing with all the girlies in his world, but I just see him come alive as a BOY when he gets to play with other little dudes!

Sammy selfies

Stopped by for a quick visit with Sammy on our way home from dropping off Brianna's friend Kamryn who lives out in the valley. 
 Everytime I visit her and give her a hug and hang out with her and see her sweet little smile ....I'm somewhat overcome with feelings of love for my special sis. I dont want to leave her side. I imagine her miraculously healed and busting out of there to go on a run with me or go play at the pool or just have a real conversation where she can tell me all the things that she would have over the years if she could speak. It's so hard to see her with her trach. I can't imagine how stifling and bothersome that thing is. Or worse, painful. I really hate the thought of her being in pain. What torture - to be in pain,  or even just discomfort,  and not be able to help yourself. 
I feel guilty for not going out to see her more often. It's only about a 35 minute drive. And it always brings me such joy to be with her. I'm thinking I'll try to get into a routine where I go to the Valley YMCA for my morning workout once a week and then go see Sammy while I'm out there. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lake Day #643

Just another perfect day at the lake! So so fun.
Tubing, kneeboarding, cliff jumping, beach play, etc.  


Brave little Charity insisted on jumping off the cliff too! A much smaller one than the adults (and Brianna!!!) did of course.  I love her adventurousness! ANNNND, she did her FIRST SOLO tube ride!! It was awesome. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Gettin the works done before our big roadtrip to Canada!  Trans, Radiator, oil, etc. Paying an arm and leg, but Jiffy Lube was great. Quick and efficient. Plus found out about their free top off and cleaning policy. Glad to feel safe on the road. Need to hope a family member becomes a mechanic so I know if their charges are legit or if I'm being worked....

Love technology

She has lots of options of things to do while I'm working out at the Y....
She's choosing to do an app that tests her out-loud reading! Very cool! 
(and I'm certainly not worried about her having any lack of physical activity....she just came from an hour of tennis, has an hour of taekwondo this evening, and will undoubtedly spend the afternoon running around after rodents 😊😆😅)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Late night painting party

Painting our mailbox

I've been meaning to do this for months. Maybe years? So finally one afternoon I just decided to get the stuff out and start on it! And then all my peoples joined in of course. I'm pretty sure I'm the most popular person in this little family. Whatever I'm doing and wherever I'm at... they all just gravitate there. It's both flattering and annoying. But of course I enjoyed them helping with this little project. And they all liked it too I think. I'm so happy our formerly nondescript home can now be referred to as, "The One With the Yellow Mailbox" !!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Good timing

I just happened to take a different way out of the hood than I usually do, making us fortunate enough to find our friends doing a cute lemonade stand and face painting!
I'm so glad, cuz I love supporting kids' entrepreneurial efforts, while helping mine have a fun little experience :)
However,  it meant that we missed supporting the MSHS car wash we were on our way to.
I had already purchased two tickets, but gave those away to friends at the Y.
Wanted to go get our own car done.
Oh well,  can't do it all!
I've learned to accept that fact of life :)

The moon photobombed the sun

So this Eclipse thing was a really big deal for a lot of people. Which makes me wonder if there's something wrong with me....because I really didn't care. Didn't travel for a better view,  didn't attend the Eclipse parties we were invited to, didn't buy the glasses...didn't even consider it. It's not that I don't understand what a unique cosmic event it was... it just makes no significant practical contribution to my life so it's not worth my limited time.
However, I do appreciate that the principle of Herd Immunity came into effect and other people's preparedness benefitted us. I got to use someone's glasses at the YMCA to view the eclipse (and snapped a picture - super professional), Brian used glasses at a nursing home he was visiting, and my kids borrowed glasses outside of tennis camp on their way out for a quick peek. 
So check ✔ Saw the eclipse. Wasted no time nor money on it. Lovely family memory created ....😉😯😕😆

Yoga Pajama Kids Camp. It's a thing.

The kids LOVED this little day camp put on by a local Yoga Studio!  
It was kinda pricey, but I'm glad to support the event/studio and help my kids do something enriching, a little outside the norm.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer nights at the playground

Riding bikes to Colbert Elementary playground was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. 
I love that I get to do it now with my own children! 
We invited Meredith and Lily to join us too.
Late Summer evenings are so great. 
I'm gonna miss this! 
The mourning of the end of summer has started.  
We still have a couple weeks left, we gotta live it up!

Just another Thursday

Walking and reading takes skill

I'm so glad Brianna has found a book she's really into!
It's the Descendants series.
I was OBSESSED with reading when I was her age.
It was the Babysitters Club series, Babysitters Little Sister, Indian in the Cupboard, most of the Newberry Award winner stuff...and a few others.
I've tried those on her without luck.
But she loves this series - like, LOVES it - so I'm excited! 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New gym(nastics)

We weren't huge fans of Dynamic Gymnastics where we went last year. They didn't exactly live up to their name, ha!
So we're trying out the other gyms around here. We went to Evergreen, which i hoped so much would be awesome, since it's the closest. But it was awful. Overpriced,  no air conditioning,  rude unprofessional coach and office manager. Dang it. Moving on...trying Northwest, and hoping it's better!
Gymnastics is definitely definitely not my first choice of sport for my kids. But Brianna looooveees it. And she's pretty good. So I'm supporting!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Brian's working hard...

He sent this from his "business trip" to Orlando. HA. Yes, lots of business to do at LegoLand in Florida... For reals though, I'm glad he gets to have this little vacation. He works hard, now he gets to play. And I get to do the bedtime routine with the kids all by myself every night. Ugh. It gets exhausting. Definitely better as a 2 person job! Hurry home B!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Evidence of a good time!

Stevie and I had an awesome trail run around the Pend Orielle county park forest!  Looks like nasty gorilla legs, but that's 100% dirt.
And trail running is 100% awesome!

Friday, August 11, 2017


 These two just collapsed at the end of a long day of fun.  So sweet.

Bowlin with my hommies

 Steve, Linds, Meredith and I hit Lilac Lanes last night after the ward taco party. It was really fun! I am a very inconsistent bowler. I had four strikes during the 2 games but lots of really awful turns between those. 93 and 177 final scores.  Super fun to hang out with my sibs!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

My new Beehive

Trying to be a good YW Leader, visiting my birthday girls! 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Outings with Nonny

During the week of Drama camp at the Civic Theater, mom picked up the kids and hung out with them for a bit before they went in to camp. Luckylucky grandkids!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lap transfer complete 👊👐👏

Charity woke up too early Sunday morning - 6am, when i got up for my meetings - and didn't go back to sleep.
So she zonked out during church on my lap. 
I was trapped and needed to move - prepping for important YW lesson - so mom saved the day!
She got next to me and slid right into my spot, getting Charity on her lap and giving me blessed freedom 💛