Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weird positions

Could someone explain to me why she puts herself like this?!

First taste of cereal

About a month ago, I realized that Brianna was turning 6 months old and had still never had a drop of anything but breastmilk. I figured it was about time for me to overcome my anxiety over trying new things and start the "solids." (I was confused at first why these first foods are referred to as SOLIDS. There is nothing solid about the baby cereals and pureed veggies. Then I realized that they are called solids because of what they do at the OTHER end.)

Brianna wasnt crazy about the rice cereal. She ate it. Kindof. Most ended up on her face, hands, bib, etc. She is doing a little better now. We switched to brown rice cereal instead of white, and usually mix it with a little fruit. She likes all the fruit and veggies she has tried. She also enjoys newspapers, magazines, envelopes, my toes, her toes, her daddys nose....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lake Steinaker Beach with the MOMS

I think Ive mentioned before that Im in a group called VernalMoms. Its a bunch of moms in Vernal (no kidding).      We get together for activities and outings a few times a week. I think its more catered to those who have children in the "cooperative-play" age (to steal a term from my child development book), but Brianna and I still manage to fit in.
Last week we went to Steinaker Lake and had a great time! Its a quaint sandy beach with cottonwoods for shade. The water was a little chilly (hense the unhappy look on Briannas face) but the novelty of it distracted her enough to let us spend some time splashing.
How 'bout them thighs!
Admit it - you love the bonnet.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sitting up

Still playing catchup...
These pictures are the first time I caught Brianna sitting up on her own - about 3 weeks ago. Like really sitting up. Not that awkward phase where they tip over after 10 seconds. And, as usual, it wasnt me who figured out she could do it. Brian did. He is always the one to push her development and discover that she can do new things. Why is that?!
Im so happy she can sit up now. Why - because SHE is so much happier. I understand perfectly - I mean, would you be happy laying on your back or tummy all the time?!  

I know, I know - I shouldve put a bow in her hair or dressed her in pink. She doesnt look very feminine here (I wont say she looks like a boy. I hate when people say "oh, your little boy is so cute).  

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Forget McCain and Obama, vote for BRIAN!

Brian is running for President. Will you vote for him?

Monday, August 25, 2008

"Toughest 10K" at Soldier Hollow

Im playing catch-up.
This event was a little over a month ago in Soldier Hollow near Midway. We were in Park City for the weekend at a mini-McKell reunion (kindof), and found out this 10K was going on nearby at the OLYMPIC cross country ski trails. So I signed up, invited Ashley to go, and Brian surprised us last minute by agreeing to join in! He hasnt run more than a few miles the entire summer, so I was half impressed with his spontaneous decision, and half fearful for his life.
Turns out I was RIGHT. This was us BEFORE the race....

And this was us AFTER:

It was KILLER! Constant ascents and descents,turns, weeds and grass and soft dirt to run through, and 80 degree weather. Seriously, Ive done a lot of races in my life, and this really was the TOUGHEST 10K. It lived up to the name.

This is a pic of where it was held. Like I said - it was the Olympic cross country ski course

Aunt Jamie was kind enough to go with us and take care of Brianna (which she does like a pro. The lady is fabulous with children). This is a picture of her holding Brianna and her cousin Kandalyn later on that night at Landons bday party in Spanish Fork.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Brianna and Boston

Brianna and her special friend Boston hold hands for the first time! I think Brianna was the one who initiated the hand-hold. She is so forward already with the boys... its a little scary... Bostons parents are the fabulous Rhett and Julie, who have been friends with us for years. We used to have FHE together every week before the kiddos were born. Maybe someday we will have FHE together every week again... when Boston and Brianna get married and we wanna play with our grandkids...
This pic and video were at Cold Stone. They have a new variety - NRgize (pronounced ENERGIZE. Took me awhile to get it). I was collecting on my FREE Cold Stone LoveIt creation for my birthday. Did you know you get a free one on your bday? Just sign up online! Brian and I shared ours. Not with Brianna though. We are so mean. But she was too busy flirting with Boston anyways. Can you blame her? He is one handsome little boy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bavocado and Avanana

Brianna has a new favorite food (besides milk): Avocado mixed with banana! Its our first attempt at mixing 2 foods. She wasnt crazy about the avocado plain, but combined with banana... oh man. She gobbled it up like Brian inhales pizza.
Im having so much fun with this baby-food experiment!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enterprise Rent-A-BIKE

Lessons in Selling Out, 101: Always Bring Your Bike to Work

Being a Branch Manager, Brian gets to drive a company car to and from work each day. But what happens when he markets and sells so well that he rents out every single car in his fleet, including his own?
He rides his BIKE home!
And what happens when he sells out early in the morning - what does he do the rest of the day?
He rides around Vernal to his various marketing targets - auto body shops, insurance agents, etc - and tells them "see this? Im so dedicating to taking care of your customers that I will even ride my bike and give them my last vehicle!"
He gets the biggest kick out of it - you should see the proud smile on his face. Like just as proud as the day Brianna was born. Sheesh... what is it with men and their jobs... ?!

Hope you can see these pics ok - theyre taken with my camera phone. We are having issues with our digital camera. Apparently, the USB attachment isnt meant to be chewed on and bent up.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


#4 just popped out!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Testing, testing...

Testing to see how this feature of emailing text and images straight to the blog works....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My boyfriend

I told myself I would not participate in this TAGGING craze. 
But then I saw this one on Mandys blog, and the tagline at the end obligated me to join in.
And I always enjoy a chance to talk about my favorite person:

1. What is his name? Brian Berrett McKell
2. Who eats more? Hmmm….tough to say. He eats more at one sitting, I eat more throughout the day.
3. Who said "I love you" first? HE did. By the duck pond in Spanish Fork. I didn’t say it back til the next day – his birthday.
4. Who is taller? HE is, of course. Anything else would be unacceptable.
5. Who is smarter? This is a horrible question. How is smart being defined? I earned better grades in school, but he speaks three languages fluently. I am “quicker” and more people/book-smart, but he is a human GPS and rarely gets lost.  So whatever conclusion you wanna make from that.
6. Who is more sensitive? Again, horrible question. Sensitive in what aspect? I get my feelings hurt easier, but he cant stand seeing blood (whereas I love watching the DiscoveryHealth TV station when they show surgeries). Ive never seen Brian cry. Ever. He saw me cry just last week when I got stung by a bee.
7. Who does the laundry? Both of us. He does whites usually because he doesn’t like how I do it. We have a ongoing dispute over drying – Im all about hanging items up to air-dry, he prefers the dryer.
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Again, dumb question. We sleep on top of each other all night, duh.
9. Who pays the bills? Me
10. Who cooks more? Me
11. What meals do you cook together?  Ummm... again, I usually take charge in that department. He helps out when I ask him too, and fends for himself when Im busy/gone.
12. Who is more stubborn? Me. Definitely me. No doubt about it, it's me. Me.
13. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Well… me, but not because I am wrong more often – just the opposite. I am so rarely wrong that on the few occasions it happens, I quickly admit to it. Brian takes a loooong time to own up. He is getting better though. The trick is to not be assertive unless youre positive of your correctness.
14. Who has more siblings? Me. I am the 7th of 8, he is the last of 5. Yeah, I married the baby of the family. He still suffers from being treated as it.
15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Contrary to what anyone who knows us may think, it's really Brian. He is just very laid back and allows me to call the shots most of the time. But when an issue comes up that he feels strongly about, I listen and we usually go his way.
16. What do you like to do together? TOTALLY DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES! He likes to watch movies, go out to eat, sit around with family/friends…. I like to play games (board games and sports-type), go on walks, work on projects, garden, read, workout…. But we do both enjoy spooning, so that keeps us together.
17. Who eats more sweets? Me, by far. Brian would rather have a second dinner for dessert.
18. What is his guilty pleasure? Watching sports on TV and reading
19. How did you meet? On the beach of the North Shore of Hawaii. Not kidding. Beat that.
20. Who asked who out first? He asked me to the BYU-Hawaii “Fall Ball” – which was on a cruise ship around Honolulu Bay.
21. Who kissed who first? He kissed me. It was in the morning by my front door as I was getting ready to leave for a XC race on the Big Island. It was kindof an awkward one, so I chased him down and told him to do it again.
22. Who proposed? He did. On a canoe pushed by a Fijian through the river in the Polynesian Cultural Center, after hours. The same place Elvis proposed to his wife, incidentally.
23. His best features? Have you seen him?! He is GORGEOUS! So flippin hot! Eyes, hair, nose, ears, lips, jawline… Ill stop there.
24. What is his greatest quality? He is so patient with me. I have so many flaws and shortcomings, and he loves me unconditionally. Also, it has been said by others – he is a man without guile.

25. Tag: everyone who loves their hubby too (guilt-trip, I know)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Now wonder she hasnt been sleeping well...
3 teeth just popped out today.
Not happy about this. If she bites me while nursing , I will be in a world of hurt.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

SIX month update!

To commemorate the HALF-BIRTHDAY of Brianna McKell, I am passing the laptop over to our main man and superhero for the highly anticipated monthly update...

Hello this is Brianna's daddy Brian.  Brianna is the most amazing little girl.  She is very smart and laughs a lot.  She loves to be held, she loves to go outside, she loves going on piggyback (shoulder) rides.  She smiles, she sits up all by herself, she lunges for things that she sees in front of her.  She is the happiest of all right when she wakes up and smiles when I come to get her out of the bassinet.   She will do a few cute yawns and then is just so happy to be loved and held.  Brianna just started eating rice cereal, but seems to prefer being nursed. She is always very excited anytime when she sees me or Chelsea after being gone for awhile.  I love her and am so happy to be her dad; I am very fortunate.   She is kind of fat but it is cute and it doesn't hold her back from playing.  She now can be left with toys to play with and she will be content.  She rolls from back to front a lot, but not the other way very much. She likes to stand up on my belly, lay down flat and kick her legs and wiggle around.  She loves to see herself in the mirror, sit in the sink and look at the mirror. I work hard at Enterprise so Chelsea can stay at home with the Biz-nit. We are so happy to have her - I didn't think being a parent would be this cool.  But it is. Anyways that is a little bit about Brianna as she turns 1/2 year old.

Note from Chelsea:  Brian tends to suffer from "my-baby-is-perfect" syndrome that I see so many parents fall victim to. But while his glasses are rose-colored, I dont wear any. Ill be the first to admit that our little princess is NOT a stellar sleeper. She fusses a little before every nap, and wakes up at least once during the night. HELP! She also is a bit high-maintenance, wanting to be held and entertained at all times. And of course, we only reinforce that by giving in.   =)
Just thought Id add that. 
We love you Brianna! This has been the greatest 6 months of our lives so far!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Brianna Einstein

Somebody please inform Brianna that she is supposed to be fascinated and enthralled with the Baby Einstein videos.
I was thrilled to discover that the Vernal library has the entire collection available. So I brought one home, put in on the laptop, set her next to it in her bouncy chair... and she just laughed at me. No attention given to the French-speaking puppets whatsoever.
I dont get it... I thought babies all loved this stuff.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Warning: video contains baby nudity and shrieking

Post-bath, Brianna is always one happy little girl. She shrieks and giggles and kicks and waves... it makes us sad to put her away to sleep for the night! This wasnt her best performance - she tends to get camera-shy. But hopefully you get the idea.
video also available on youtube:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Swim lesson update

Today was another great Saturday in the pool! Ive been teaching private swim lessons every Saturday all summer. I cant believe its August already... we only have a few weeks left of pool-time! Lessons have gone great so far. Im working with 8 families - 17 kids total! And thats with no advertising this year - just word of mouth and repeat students! I absolutely love it. Its nice to be able to talk about something when that inevitable question comes up, "so, are you going back to work?" (Though I have NO problem answering NO - Im staying with my baby). These two girls are some of my favorite students. They are 3-year-old twins, who are really part-fish. Check out their diving - first try!

But shhhh.... dont tell.....

Friday, August 1, 2008


After last Saturdays 10K, Brianna (aka Brinana) and I shared a banana for the first time. If she turns out like her mom, this will be the first of many.
If she really turns out like her mom, she will get caught behind the couch at age 4 rebelliously munching on bananas after being limited to a daily ration.