Monday, February 27, 2017


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   Ankle feels significantly better today! Swelling down, pain minimal, swimming felt great! I'll never take my healthy body for granted again. At least I'll try harder not to. It's interesting.... we all take things for granted when they're going well and don't realize the blessings til they're gone usually. This little setback I'm experiencing is so inconsequential in comparison to what I see around me.... I have a friend in the hospital, Vanessa, receiving chemo treatments for leukemia. She has three small children. My friend from BYUH, Jeremy, just got diagnosed with ALS. He has six small children and will be in a wheelchair soon. My parents both have aching body parts. Brian's cousins are mourning the loss of their mother. These are just small examples in my little world. Outside of it on a grander scale I know there's much much more and worse suffering.  It's hard to see such good people experiencing sadness and trials.  But I have absolute faith that there's purpose to all of this and that our Heavenly Father is in charge and everything will work out. Just gotta keep believing, working, loving, serving, and choosing joy.   

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