Tuesday, August 18, 2015

While he's still our little boy...

Bennett has been really snuggly lately. Always wanting to be cuddled, hugged, kissed..... He's fall asleep in our arms every night like this if he had his way.
Whenever I'm tempted to be a bit annoyed by it, I try to remember - he's not always going to be this way.  He's going to be a big kid, then a tween, teen, adult/man/husband/father.... and there will be no more sweet 5 year old kisses and snuggles from my Benneyboy. And I might find myself really really missing it.
SO - trying to enjoy every minute!
I heard a saying the other day, "Your son is your son until he takes a wife. But your daughter is yours for your whole life."   There's probably truth to that... just from my observations of the son/mother relationships I see around me...  So it's a darn good thing I've got more daughters than sons!  :)

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