Saturday, August 22, 2015

5K in Medical Lake

In all the years I've lived here... I don't think I've ever been out to Medical Lake. It's about 40 minutes from us. Cute little town! Fun waterfront/beach area with a trail around the whole lake. Which conveniently totals about 3.1 miles!
So the Osteoporosis Foundation (or something like that) held a fundraiser race. Not super competitive, so I got to be the weiner. Hooray.
Actually I'm quite pleased with my time - 19:10, I think.
Getting closer to my sub-6-min-pace goal! And got an excellent free chair massage, osteoporosis screening (bone density is great, whew), and a free physical therapy screening where I learned that my Achilles pain is somehow caused by a back issue I wasn't aware I have.
Hmmm.... could just be a ploy of theirs to get me into their PT office and pay up!

On the way home we hit a few yard sales and scored some sweet deals off the fine citizens of Medical Lake.
  Best way ever to spend a Saturday morning!

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