Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SWIFTS! At Hot Summer Nights 5K #3

I'm super excited about my new running team!
I'm officially a "Spokane Swift." The pink jersey is so fun! It's like instant bffs everywhere I look at races! Well, there's not THIS many of them at EVERY race, but I'm just pumped to be part of a team and have the motivation to get better and experience new running adventures. We have workouts once/week on the track, and Saturday long runs. And race discounts! Tonight was SOOOOOO awesome - we got a free race entries, and I'm thrilled with my time - 18:55 for about 3 miles. Last week was 19:40, and the previous week was 19:14, same course, but cooler weather tonight. That made a big difference. Oh, and I prepared better for the race. Finished as 3rd female, 1st in age group.  Brianna, Courtney and Bennett ran the race too!! Brianna finished in about 35 minutes, which I was quite shocked by. She did amazing! Her cousin Nathan ran with her (but she beat him in the last 100 meters :)   Courtney ran with her cousin Annalee (so sweet) and Bennett ran with his uncle Steve!  (who got tired with how slow Bennett was and put him on his back for the last half of the race :)   I won some cool prizes in the awards and raffle, as did a few of the kids. Super cute seeing their excitement when their names were drawn. It was just SUCH a fantastic evening. Loved it all so much.

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