Thursday, August 20, 2015

The YELLOW family pictures

We survived another round of family pictures! I feel like I deserve an award for this. It's really really hard to just have everyone HAPPY at the same moment - like, no tears, no meltdowns - but happy, AND in clean clothes AND smiling in the general direction we tell them to?! Herculean task. But we did it! Decently, anyway. There's not one "PERFECT" photo, but these are all good *enough*.
Which is YOUR favorite?! I would appreciate input from the 20-or-so people who read this (I know you're out there! I see stats!!)


Ioana said...

Honestly, I LOVE every single one of these pics!!! Great, great looking family! Maybe the walking one hand in hand would stand out a little more, but again, all of them are great! :)
ps: I love reading all of your updates. Miss you guys!

Ashley said...

I normally don't comment, but HOLY COW! These pictures are so amazing, you all look so great and I love each of them. I really love the one in the field.