Monday, August 17, 2015

Best tv show eva, brah

I've blogged about a lot of things in the past 8 years of regular posts.... But I don't think I've ever talked about any particular TV shows.  We don't really watch much.
There's nothing that's ever really grabbed my attention.
Seriously. I could watch episode after episode.
But I have a rule: I can only watch it while exercising.
So I take Brian's ipad out to the treadmill early in the morning, or after the kids go to bed, and it's my "escape" time. I do some serious sweating while watching Steve McGarrett and Danno and Chin and Kono and Lori chase the bad guys. My treadmill inclines to a max of 12...someday we'll get a new one (still using the one I won from NordicTrack at a SLC race 10 yrs ago) that inclines higher. Uphill speed walking is awesome. But only while watching shows that always begin with gorgeous scenes from Oahu.
Some plots are a little predictable.... some just blow my mind.   It's like the perfect balance of heart racing action scenes, drama, humor, and intensity.
So I guess this would be the cure for someone who didn't like exercising... get a TV you love and only let yourself watch it while hiking uphill on a treadmill!

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