Monday, August 17, 2015

Our 5 year old twins....

Every time I have to tell people my children's ages, I get a little caught off guard hearing myself say, "Courtney and Bennett are our 5 year old twins." REALLY?! My baby twins are 5?! So crazy.

Though they COULD start Kindergarten next month, we are choosing to let them be the OLDEST in their class, not the youngest.  I have very strong feelings on this topic (which - unbeknownst to me before being put in this position, MANY people also have strong opinions on!)
I feel like we're giving them such an advantage - not just academically, but in athletics, social situations, and even spiritually.  They'll be able to handle peer pressure issues better with that extra maturity, which will hopefully help them make righteous choices. 
School readiness is about SO much more than academics. The twins would be totally ready academically. But there's a bigger picture here. Much bigger.
I think a lot of parents fear their children will have the stigma attached to "being held back."  As if others will think their children is academically behind because they're the oldest in the class.  Fortunately... I truly don't give a darn what anyone else thinks :)
*I* am also an August birthday, and I was NOT the oldest in my class - I was the youngest, sometimes by over a year! I did fine academically of course, but I think if I was a bit older than my peers I would've handled the "drama" better. All that he-said-she-said junk that kids get so caught up in. It really affected me - I was super self conscious and how I looked and what I said/did, etc.  I know ALL kids are to some extent. But I want my kids to at least have a better chance at rising above it :)
The downside - I'll be paying for a year of preschool. Bleck. $300/mo!  But we homeschooled preschool this year, so I'll just focus on how much I saved by doing that :)
They'll be the first to drive during their Sophomore year, and won't graduate high school as 17 year olds. Too young! 

So - Kindergarten, September 2016 - looking forward to it!

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