Sunday, August 30, 2015

Because nothing is as exciting as free printing...

We had several hours to kill between hotel checkout time and our airport shuttle departure.  I didn't want to keep wandering around the city because that just tempted me to wander myself back into Sno, the amazing froyo/cookie shop. And we'd already been there like 3 times in one weekend. That's just embarrassing.  SO - what else to do? Well, hang out in the Business Center of course!  Pragmatic me decided to get to work on a few things that required printing/faxing - some banking stuff, YW stuff,  our refinance (3.5% booyah!), blahblahblah.  Might as well get it done on the hotel's dime!

And Brian was quite content surfing through this favorite sites - ESPN, KSL  (yes, he still follows Utah news outlets).

Seriously though... kid-free productive time makes me happy.

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