Friday, August 14, 2015

Discovery Park with the McIntyres

Had so much fun today meeting up with my good friend Maren and her kids!  She moved out to Rockford (wherever THAT is.....) so we don't see them as much.  But they're worth making the effort to schedule playdates with! Especially if it's at Discovery Park in the Valley. Seriously amazing - best park+splash pad ever. So many unique, creative play structures.  I'll have to get more photos next time.

I love Maren because she's so down to earth and REAL. We just chat away about everything. And it's equal listening - she's genuinely interested in what I'm up to, and vice versa. That's rare to find.
A lot of people I spend time with are my friends more because of circumstance than actually clicking.
Does that make sense? 
Like.... we're friends because our kids are the same age, or we're in the same ward/neighborhood. 
But if that weren't the case.... they're not the type of person I would gravitate towards. 
I love being around people who are upbeat, optimistic, honest, intelligent, ambitious, and sincere.   I really believe in surrounding yourself with people that help you want to be better.

I also believe this is my favorite photo of Charity I've ever seen.

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Sam said...

I LOVE Charity's face!!!! It looks like you are loving being back in Washington. The pictures showing your yard are amazing - so green!