Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bottoms up!

At the Riva Grill - a fancy schmancy restaurant where we had the "official" Medline celebratory dinner.  Unlimited drinks for all!
Quite entertaining to see these business professionals relax get a little tipsy. Or a LOT tipsy in a few cases... which was highly entertaining. Or disturbing. I was embarrassed for some of them. Do they know how ridiculous they look and act when they're drunk?!!
But I won't be quick to shame the drunken gluttons....because we weren't exactly being responsible either.
I don't even know how many calories were in all those virgin pina coladas and strawberry margaritas we partook of.
I don't want to think about it. Especially since it probably wasn't even close to the damage done by the AMAZING desserts they brought out... which was after the fabulous entrees....  Yeah, I'm going to have to do a major penance detox next week.  Oh well.

This photo, featuring Brian's happy shiny face, is of the group gift we made for Sean (the Division Manager, Brian's boss and the orchestrator of this party weekend). It's amazing - a flat metal picture. I can't do it justice with that lame description, but it was very very cool.   Hopefully this amazing team - the Pacific Northwest Divison of Medline Post Acute Sales - can earn the "Division of the Year" award again in the future so this party can have an encore!!

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