Sunday, March 4, 2012


I really wanted to make a collage out of the pics from this morning's playtime with reverse camera. The kids really love that feature - especially Courtney. But I couldn't really do a collage since our laptop is broken AGAIN (fell off the couch and the HD crashed. Have I mentioned that I really love our high quality HP? Totally worth standing in line at 6am Black Friday at Staples. Not. HP stands for Heap of Poo).
So I had to settle for attempting to make a collage on my phone with an app. Took forever. And doesn't look pretty. But low quality pictures have never stopped me from posting before! Ha. Self deprecation. Annoying isn't it? I strongly dislike fake self deprecation, especially in bloggy land. Anyways, the collage.... so yeah, it just crossed my mind - isn't it amazing to think about how our kids are growing up with technology so different than what we had as kids?  Gosh I feel so old and grandma-ish saying that. But seriously - I grew up taking rolls of film to the store to develop. They'll never have to deal with deciding whether or not to pay for doubles, unsure whether they'd even turn out any good or not. Nope, they're growing up playing with reverse cameras on iphones.  What in the world will my grandkids grow up doing?!?!


Kecia said...

ha ha! I love courtney's faces! And that bottom right of brianna funny and cute all at the same time. Your scary face on the other hand... ;)

Morris Family said...

That is funny that Courtney loves the reverse camera. Paige runs screaming from my phone when it is in either setting!
Cute kids though!

Debbie said...

You do a great job collaging! I need hand holding!