Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Works Product Review

I'm still not sure how I got this lucky, but I was selected to receive and review Green Works cleaning products! I received full size samples of the spray, toilet cleaner, and household wipes.
 I've already tried them all out a few times (I have ample opportunities to clean messes at my house!) and I can honestly say they're all great! They smell really good- not strong and unnatural - just a nice fresh cleans scent. The wipes got some food stains off the tile floor in just a few swipes- and these weren't fresh messes! I won't share exactly how embarrassingly long they had been on the floor :) The toilet cleaner left our throne sparkling white. The spray left no streaks and made the countertops and table suitable to prep food from again. No residue.  Honestly, I really do like this stuff better than the store brands I usually use. I feel like the Green Works products did a better job, and faster. And of course, the biggest plus with Green Works is obvious - very eco friendly, made from natural plant and mineral-based biodegradable cleaning ingredients, safer around the precious littles. And not tested on animals.  Which is awesome... cuz seriously - testing products on animals - that's so MEAN! Can you imagine.... "hey, let's dump this tub of chemicals on a mouse and see what happens!" Oye.   
Oh - and all the recyclable packing "peanuts" (brown crinkled paper) kept my toddlers entertained for quite awhile :) Thank you Green Works!     Friends - feel free to LIKE them on Facebook and FOLLOW on Twitter!


valmike said...

I might have to try those. I've been tempted, but wondered if they really would work or not. Thanks for the blog post!

Debbie said...

I will get some. Did you know that sugar is toxic?