Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recess Run

We did a little 5K at Liberty Park in SLC a few Saturdays ago. I just found the photos on FB from the organization that put it on (Playworks - a nonprofit helping underprivileged children w/ after school recreation. Something like that. I think. I'm probably one of the very few there that had no idea what the fundraiser was for, and didn't really care).

 Brian's pretty amazing - he does about 2 races each year, and no other running. Like not farther than the length of a basketball court. Yet he still does pretty well!

 He ran this 5K - while pushing the big stroller and 80 pounds of children - in about 27 minutes! And last year he did a 10K in about 55 minutes.

 Of course, after his weekend warrior appearances, he spends the next few days a little sore.
 But it's still good for his cardiovascular system to do something a little crazy a few times each year, right?

 I can't wait til someday all 5 of us are running stroller-free!


Malerie said...

These pictures are great. That's got to be something to run with that stroller full of those cute kids!

summer said...

wow - I wish I did as well in running just a few times a year! That is one amazing stroller & I can't believe how fast the twins have grown up...it seems the other day you were just putting them into your brand new double-stroller!

Hohmann Family said...

I LOVE these pictures of Brian! He's super daddy! You're kids will have great memories of their childhood.

Debbie said...

do you know how cool those pictures are? Send them "in" - I don't know where, but just send them IN!