Saturday, March 24, 2012

MPH wedding

I know, a terrible picture to post (when will I learn...horizontal stripes are BAD!) but I'm glad Brian snapped this so I'd remember to post about our (my) fabulous night catching up with very good friends. MPH cohorts. The stunning bride Shalece, and supermom Erin, and coolcompetent Chris. The other 9 are off globe trotting, saving the planet from pandemics. But seeing these 3 tonight was so awesome. I spent two years off my life with these brilliant people, locked away in small classrooms (cells? Dungeons?) trying my best to imitate their genius and put up a cover of competence. It worked. I fooled them all. And now we're friends for life.
Notice Brianna, bottom left.... she's MESMERIZED by the "beautiful princess!"  She couldn't stop staring and pointing at her.  And now her obsession with all-things wedding/marriage has been fueled.

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Debbie said...

I kinda like her flower bouquet colors!