Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Pacer 5K in Deer Park

This is the beginning of a family tradition! We really liked this race event. Costume contest (we went Aloha style, obviously), the kids had a blast on their half miler, weather was perfect, and it was just $10! Yay for cheap reg fees. And yay for a little sister who is always game to join me at these things, and a husband who enjoys it too. Well, he tolerates it anyway :)
I was proud of my effort- it got difficult, but I kept about a 6:40 pace. That's great for me right now considering my lack of anything resembling training. My T25 videos and the cardio machines at the gym aren't going to make me a faster runner (though I do enjoy them)... I just gotta get back into mileage and real workouts if I ever wanna be speedy again! But do I? Do I care anymore? Obviously not enough to do anything bout it :)

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