Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dinner parties

Despite the look on Brian's face, he really enjoyed our first official ward dinner group night!
This program was actually started a few years ago by my mom when she was RS Prez (aka, she ran the whole ship).
Basically, everyone interested signs up and then is put in groups of 8 (four couples).
Once a month we get together for dinner at someone's home (hosts rotate).
We did some fun games and pics post-meal and really had a nice time.
We even had to hire a real babysitter so we could go to this since my parents were in Utah.
I informed my mom that this was a terrible inconvenience for us and she's not allowed to leave anymore.
She's the best (and least expensive!) babysitter around :)

I mostly signed us up for Brian's benefit - trying to help him meet people and feel more at home as a Washingtonian!   Our group consists of the Brims, Lybberts, Bouviers, and Fullmers.  I think it switches up in Jan/Feb.  (but I don't want it to - I like our group!!)

We host next month...eek! So much to do to make my home more presentable!

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