Friday, October 31, 2014

Manning the door

The twins got their trick or treating done early. Started a little after 4pm, and finished by 5:45! I was hoping to get them to bed early as well.... but the endless doorbell ringing was a little distracting. So I gave up and let them pass the lollipops out (Brian and Brianna went back out for another round). They LOVED their job! Especially Bennett. He was VERY serious about it - making sure everyone said the magic words, and that each person got one.
We ended up with about 300 kids at our door. Good thing I bought the bulk bag of lollipops off Amazon! I feel slightly better about them being a superior form of candy because they're organic - natural food dyes, no HFCS.  But still.... they're not exactly kale.  But oh well. It's a compromise. Next year I'm going back to passing out stickers and pencils :)

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