Friday, January 17, 2014

Thick-Bummed Baby, Narrow-Minded Doc.

This roleypoley 2 month old had her checkup yesterday.
Nothing short of TRAUMATIZING.
Not for her. She endured the quick exam and one shot quite well.
But for me... Ohmyword. Never felt so pigeonholed and belittled by a fellow professional.
Yeah, that's right Dr. Moskun at IHC (name droppin!) You sneered at me like an insubordinate illiterate inbred. Dismissed me immediately and attempted assembly-line fear mongering persuasion scare tactics.
But guess what- I'm not a brainless victim of Jenny McCarthy's crusades.
I'm a Master of Public Health. I'm an accredited Leader by LLLI. I'm a business owner and National Champion athlete. Most importantly: a human being, child of God, and mother of 4.
I deserve the same respect you'd want someone to give to your own daughter. I do NOT deserve to be stormed out on after 4 minutes with a slam of the door and eye roll.
It's not a crime to have questions and feel overwhelmed and confused by the litany of at least semi-reputable information out there on children's health and safety.  Yet I'm pretty sure this aged pediatrician would've very much enjoyed reporting me to CPS for not taking her word as gospel truth. Kick me under the bus along with all the other deadbeat hippie moms. How DARE I question a panel of AAP experts on the care of MY children.
It's not like they're unique human beings or anything. 
I'm very grateful to live in a time and place where I have many Health Care Provider choices. 
We've got our subsequent routine checkups already set up elsewhere. Whew.
Hopefully our next encounter features a medical professional that begins his side of the conversation with, "Hey, I understand there's a lot of confounding information out there. What are your thoughts and questions? Let's discuss them."
Unreasonable expectation?
A happy sidenote: Charity is HUGE! 98% percentile for weight, 97th for height. I adore my snuggly piggy.


Ioana said...

That's disturbing! See if you can report her somewhere. We see dr. Hildebrand at Grow Up Great. She's the only one I like there and around here, because she talks to me from mom to mom and she truly cares about all of my kids.
ps: Glad that adorable little lady of yours is doing so well!

Sally Jackson said...

I know the feeling. I had a WIC counselor talk down to me once and it was haunting for days. Very annoying to not have people treat you like people. p.s. Charity is so dang cute. Pinch those chubby thighs for me.

Mary said...

Good grief, I'm behind! Congratulations on your newest addition! :) Good for you for switching providers.

Jenifer Morris said...

This post brought back memories. I took P to the doctor one day when she was like 14 months old because I had strep. Her pediatrician did not once touch or look at my child. I'm not even exaggerating. He told me that she was too young for strep and sent me on my way. Two days later we were in the emergency room because she had an abscess that kept growing by the minute (okay, now I'm exaggerating). They told me that that she had the abscess because she went untreated for strep. To say my blood was boiling is a complete understatement! I think I could have honestly killed her doctor in that moment!