Saturday, January 25, 2014

Provo Philippines Run & Dunk

We are on our way home now from an adventure in Utah County.

About a week ago, Brian found the laptop up with on the screen.
The race event title "Run4Philipinnes" caught his eye, as does everything Filipino-related.
So he looked it up, discovered it to be a 5k/10k fundraiser event for the typhoon disaster relief effort, and insisted we go.
I wasn't too keen on it, simply because I hate sitting in the car so long.
It's an hour drive, if traffic is ok. Yuck.
Spending gas money, contributing to our state's awful air quality problem (SLC=worst in the country!!), not my idea of fun.
But what room do *I* have to stop *him* from racing?!
After the manymany race events he's supported me through....
So we loaded up the ninos and headed down to Brianna's birth city.
It ended up being a lot of fun.
Brian liked the 10k course that went around Seven Peaks, the kids loved all the post race refreshments, he got a shirt he'll probably wear everyday forever, and the kids got to see Brian's parents.

Brian hasn't run that far in YEARS, so it was a ego boost for him.
 And as always, a sad reminder for me of how much I miss my favorite sport.
Someday hopefully I can get back to it.

Brian did the dunk tank. Into ICY WATER!! Crazy boy

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Hohmann Family said...

Yikes! I wouldn't even be able to watch as others were dunked!