Monday, October 17, 2016

Ortho party

Our friends own this Ortho office, but we would've gone here anyway for this party!

I love when businesses choose to spend their marketing dollars on family-fun events :)

Facepainting, bouncy houses, carnival games, treats, contests, and great prizes! We won an awesome sled, and Disney on Ice tickets!!

But we're not moochers....Brianna has an appt there now for her first consultation. There's nothing especially concerning about her teeth right now...but since both of her parents needed braces, it's definitely worth checking out early to see if we can avoid issues. Plus, she's super excited about the prospect of having braces. I'm guessing that will wear off in a few years, better jump on it now!

I wasn't grateful enough to my parents for the gift they gave me in paying for this is the way to make up for that, right? Perfect straight teeth for all my kids! All for the price of.... a very nice car. Oye.

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