Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Racing around

Previous to the past 2 weeks I haven't done any official races in months. Not sure why....just wasn't focused on finding them or prioritizing them. I also felt really out of shape. Well, running shape. I always workout. But the only way to be good at running is to RUN. So why waste my time and money driving out to race events when I wasn't training for them?
But Meredith kicked me out of my comfort zone by making me do this Happy Girls 5K. Her coworker had a couple entries she couldn't use, so sold them to us.
I was super excited and nervous to do a race. No idea what to expect for my time or how I'd feel. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I haven't totally lost it. Time was 19:55, and I was the first woman. I had to work super hard for it - the 2nd girl, Haley, was on my tail. But my pride wouldn't let her beat me, since she had beat me last Spring at a 5K while she was pregnant. Now she has a 2 month old. So while I've had all summer to train, she's been busy with the infant stuff. So I have absolutely no excuse. And I'm going to have to train much harder to beat her in future races, since she's already THIS good, despite the best excuse in the world. I won some cool stuff - a nice Athleta jacket and hat, $25 gift card (gave all that to Mere, she appreciates it more and had bought my entry), and a free entry to a future race. And chocolates. And they had delicious chicken/tofu/veggie teriyaki bowls after...and I think I took like 6 of them....So overall, very worth driving out to SFCC for this! Oh, and the best benefit - a killer workout.

The next weekend, Oct 1, I did the Colbert Half Marathon. I had actually been planning on this one all year. No reason not to... it starts a mile from my house, costs just $20, and is a beautiful course! I won last year in 1:30, this year in 1:36. They changed the course, so I could blame that....but it's more likely that I was just in better shape last year. Still happily accepted the case of HUGE Honeycrisp apples as my prize! Gave it to Lindsay & parents. The medals were awesome - a 40th year commemoration. Crazy they've been doing it so long! Before half marathons were even popular.  Looking forward to next year! And planning to train better so I'm not SO sore after. My quads/calves/hams were dead for several days.
I've got about 5 races on the calendar for the rest of the year (not actually registered for any, since I tend to procrastinate that)...a 5 mile trail race, a couple 10Ks, 5Ks.  And Snake River half in the Spring to hopefully keep me training all winter! I have a brilliant idea for a Half/full that would be super successful here... the Mt. Spokane Half, going down the canyon from the ski resort. If I had more time/motivation I'd totally jump in and put it on.  But nope! Tryingtryingtrying to keep life simple and focus my energies on my fam. Anyway...ramble over...yay for running :)

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Ioana said...

You just blow my mind! And you're so, so fast!!! Way to go, lady! Miss you!