Saturday, October 15, 2016

Date night!

I was pretty shocked when Brian asked me out on a date! In advance! And planned the babysitter! He hasn't done this in... well, I won't share that :) We had a great time! The Chinese Lantern Festival at Riverfront Park was amazing. I thought I had seen it enough, since I've walked around the perimeter, and ran through it during a race in daylight hours. But seeing it at NIGHT, plus the live show, plus the IMAX - totally worth the admission. Bonus - hardly anyone there, since it was raining! Not even raining - just drizzling. Still fun to be in. Unfortunately, our kids weren't great for the babysitter. Poor girl, Emily...too soft spoken. Gotta be firm with our kids and they'll comply. We paid her well, and Bennett had to write an apology letter. I think it will go better next time :)

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