Monday, March 21, 2016

Toddler QT

   She wouldn't take a nap this afternoon (slept in til 10:30am after being up too late last night), so we played! Coloring, BUBBLES, nails, dancing (she's got amazing moves), and using old eyeshadow for painting.  
Being two is pretty fun :)
I told her she's my best friend.
She looked up at me and said, "Ok, we can hug now!" and tackled me with a good one. Then said, "UggaMugga Mommy," (thanks Daniel Tiger), and kissed my face.
I kinda adore her and would really appreciate being able to keep her this way forever. Not too much to ask?

While I'm on the subject... she says really adorable things. Like when I said, "How are you doing baby girl?" She quickly retorted, "I not a baby. I a toddler. And I doing WELL."
She goes around singing (often songs from Sophia the 1st or Primary songs from Nursery). 
She loves to be tickled, tackled, wrestled, nursed, smooched, and totted around. 

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