Friday, March 11, 2016

Darn agency...

This photo/post requires some explanation, obviously....
So we all know about that flyer we get from schools.... starting at preschool.... every month. Scholastic reading club. Cute books/art/writing kits, etc. Very overpriced (IMO) and just totally unnecessary considering the crazy amount of books we already have at home AND all the other stuff - art sets, toys, stickers, games, etc collected from Grandparents and friends at birthdays, Christmas... plus some from other sources like library sales, yard sales, etc. It's just too much STUFF - there aren't enough hours in the day to use/play with them all. But of course... the kids see these attractive flyers... and want MORE!
But I'm excellent at saying no, changing the subject, and discarding the flyer. 
It's worked great UNTIL... miss smarty pants Brianna pulls the line I can't argue with: "I want to buy these with MY money Grandma gave me for my birthday."
Dang it. She's right. Grandma gave her 50 $1 bills. How can I tell her she can't spend it on this? I tried to dissuade her - reminding her she barely uses all the items so similar to this in her "treasure trunk" and art desk....even showing her it's less on Amazon...but nope. She wanted to. So she gave me the cash and I'm placing the order online. Begrudgingly.  
Allowing my children to use their God-given agency to make choices I don't deem wisest - even in what may seem a trivial situation to others - is TOUGH! Bleck.

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