Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday morning adventures...

I was going to do a fun race I had been looking forward to, but Dad talked me into a ski trip instead. Honestly, I would've preferred to do the race...I mean, I've skiied a LOT this winter (like more than I have in the last 10 years combined maybe), and I haven't done many races lately. But there are a bunch of races coming up, and definitely not a bunch more ski days. I'd say today was our last...but I said that 2 weeks ago and was obviously wrong. But if it WAS our last, we went out with a great one! Clear skies, nice temps, decent snow, no crowds at all. And a crazy show at the annual "Pond Skim" where skiers/boarders go zooming across a big ice water pool. So basically a hypothermia party. Weirdos. Skilled weirdos. Very entertaining.
While we were playing in the snow, our children were dyeing eggs, then taken on a hiking adventure to Bowl & Pitcher at Riverside with mom, mere, and bobby! They had so much fun!!

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