Saturday, September 19, 2015

Just another Saturday morning race

Fun little 5K at Riverfront Park. Funny story:  I WENT TO THE WRONG RACE! There were 3 going on today at Riverfront. I thought I was registering for this "Fiesta 5K" I had been looking at and planning for.  Nope. I did the "Stomp Out Abuse" 10K! I didn't realize I wasn't in the race I had planned for until we ran by the start line of the Fiesta 5K!
I'm ridiculous.
But it was fine.
Brian and Bennett actually ended up being on the 5'oclock news because KHQ did a story on the race's cause - domestic violence prevention. The kids got to paint footprints on these big posters. And they got bananas and donuts after the race, so they were pretty darn happy.

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