Saturday, September 26, 2015

Valleyfest 10K

Brian's mom watched the kids at a nearby playground while Brian and I did the race. He could've done the 5K, but decided to do the 10 to get a longer break ;)  Brian is the epitome of a "Weekend Warrior."  Funny guy. 
We did this one last year too, but it was better - way more people, prizes, etc. But there happened to be 3 other big races in Spokane that took the runners away. Bummer. I should've done the "Happy Girls Run" downtown, for more competition - thus a better workout. Oh well. Hopefully next year is better here, because we'll be coming back! Can't miss Valleyfest, it's awesome. Tons of kid/family activities/booths/animals/shows, etc. 
Bottom photo is from the Photobooth at the "Walk for DS" event we snuck into.... the goal was to get the whole fam in... we did it! 
Despite a few of their faces, they actually were having an awesome time there :)

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