Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm such a mean Aunt

No, actually I'm not.
I'm super nice.
They love me.
I take them places.
Just my usual haunts - The YMCA, yard sales, Greenbluff farms, errands....
Devin and Annalee are so funny - they use their little electronic devices (I'm not even sure what exactly these things are and do... I'm such an old fuddy duddy already I guess) while working out.  It's cute.
Nathan usually goes in the pool or "Club 7-11" with Brianna. Air hockey, foosball, DDR, boardgames, etc.   And of course - the twins, Charity, and Bethany go into the childcare, which they love. Crafts, toys, games, outdoor play - all that good stuff.
And me - I do my usual routine that keeps me sane. Exercise, shower, computer work. 2 hours of ME time, and then I can take whatever life throws.
Not that much is being thrown... life is pretty doable these days! I feel very fortunate to be sailing smooth and counting blessings daily.

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