Thursday, September 3, 2015


I've done REAL track workouts the last 2 weeks!! I'm SO SO glad I joined up with the Spokane Swifts. We have a coach who sends us weekly workouts, then we meet up at a track and get 'er done! I've found a few girls Northside, so I don't have to go all the way downtown (though I want to check that out someday, since that's the "main" group meeting spot). The Whitworth track is awesome, I love it. For last week's workout, I left the kids at home and hired Annalee to watch them so I could go workout. This week, I brought them with me and hoped they would be ok w/ toys & snacks to entertain. They did great! I love our collapsible wagon from Costco. So awesome.
Last week was 6 sets of 800m/400m repeats with 200m/400m recoveries.  This week was 7 sets of 800m repeats with 400m recoveries. My original goal was to hit everything at a 6min/mi pace, but I'm doing better than that - 2:52 avg on the 800s. Yay!! I'm getting faster, and it's not killing me like I thought it would!! I'm SO excited to jump into more races and continue to improve. I forgot how much I love zooming around a track!

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Ioana said...

You are so amazing!!