Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rain Sale

Despite the annoying wet weather,  our annual neighborhood yard sale was fun. At least for the kids. Til they got distracted and I had to track them down when customers showed up. Ok, so it wasn't that fun. And it was a ton of work, sucking up an entire day. We made a little money though... but actually not really since half the stuff was my friend Tara's that I bought from her to help her before she moved. And ended up selling for half of what I bought it. Ugh. Whatever. I just want my garage empty and clean!!! And it does feel good to know others got some cool stuff off us for a great deal. Like one lady who was ecstatic that all our little girl clothes were 25 cents each. And the couple with lotsa kids who bought the big farm table for $40. And the kids I sold the old skiis to for a buck cuz i just was DONE and didn't care. I learned that the line, "make me an offer," when presented in the right tone with sincerity, works much better than pricing things, for the most part. I learned that some people are RIDICULOUSLY cheap, and must think I'm an idiot if they thought I'd sell certain items so cheap cuz I didn't know their worth. But mostly I learned that I definitelydefinitely prefer shopping yard sales than hosting them. And hooray, doing it again next year with the biannual YW fundraiser. Shoot me now. It better not rain!

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