Sunday, May 7, 2017

Can I sue the roofing company over this?

It's reeeeeallly awesome to pay a storm-chasing roofing company thousands of dollars to have a new roof installed... have to pester them to come back and clean up their mess... then STILL find nails all over...try to clean them all up myself...but still have my sweet little girl get stabbed in the foot by one while she was playing in the grass. Poor baby. It hurt her SOOOO bad! She was limping all day, and the site was painful for days. Fortunately she's had a tetanus shot within the last few years.

I sent these photos to the company, and they sent us a $200 Amazon gift card, and sent Brianna a card and $100 cash. Not even joking. So weird. Like "shut up" money. Cuz I think we could sue. If I was inclined to deal with that nonsense stuff. Not worth the headache, since she's fine now.
Well... except that she now has $100 and is super eager to spend it on toys and I'm having to coach her on appropriate financial planning.

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