Friday, May 26, 2017

Mother-Daughter Cupcake Wars

Brianna sure loves her Activity Days program! If she had her way, they'd do it every night. The leaders are fun, sweet ladies who make a good effort to help the girls have fun.
This particular activity included the moms, and was held on a Thursday instead of Wednesday so those of us busy with Youth/Scouts could attend.
Though I'm not a fan of copious amounts of sugar, or playing with food (not that this stuff should be classified as food), we had lots of fun. The assignment was to create 4 cupcakes: one with a princess theme, one with a flower theme, one with a "personal favorite" theme, and one with a "creative" theme. So we decided to combine all 4 and create a Rapunzel tower, with flowers at the bottom, Brianna's favorite movie, and definitely creative, right?!  Haha.
We didn't win one of the awards, but that was a good opportunity to teach Brianna that sometimes others don't appreciate our creative geniusness, and that's ok. WE know it was the best :)
But the best part of the activity was at the beginning when we were instructed to each put up ten fingers, face our daughter/mother, and tell them one thing we love/appreciate about each other for each finger. It was a VERY easy task for me... I really adore this girlie. I'm nervous about the teenage years...though she isn't showing many signs of sassiness/sneakiness/sullenness yet, I know every teen deals with one or all of those. I just pray we can get through it together and come out of it still as close as we are now!

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