Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dance Class

I'm not a big fan of putting my children in dance classes.... not that they're the worst thing to do, but I just feel like there are much better ways to spend our time/money.

But Brianna had been begging to continue ballet, so I found a summer 2 week camp to sign them up for.  And amazingly - there were another set of 4 yr old boy/girl twins in their class!! (the 2 children pictured here on each end)

It went well enough. They had fun. I didn't die of boredom too badly as I had to wander around keeping Charity happy while waiting for them.
I did get a small taste of how REAL the whole "stage mom" thing can get. Listening to some of the other mothers gab and obsess over the most ridiculous aspects of this.... as if their child is destined for Julliard or something...
Totally not my scene. So superficial.

I hope the kids stop asking now and we can get back to dancing the way dancing SHOULD be - spontaneous, natural, unscripted, and just FUN!

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