Friday, July 31, 2015

Missionary work thru food storage?

I had to rush over to a neighbor's house today I barely know and ask a favor- to use their printer and scanner to send a document to our title company in Cedar to close our house (YAYWEARENOTUTAHHOMEOWNERSANYMORE!!). I was quite surprised to see these boxes of food storage from our LDS cannery in their kitchen!
I knew these people weren't members, at least not on the directory...
So I tried to figure out how to broach the subject. "So... you guys are into food storage?"
He gave me an odd look and he's like, "well, yes. Got to be prepared. You just never know."
Then we had a nice conversation about how he's a bit of a "prepper," and he had a coworker in California who told him that he could get a great deal on food storage through this is awesome church that had a cannery system.
So my neighbors have been ordering our food storage stuff for years!
Perhaps someday I'll have a chance to tell them, "hey, if you think our cannery products are good...just wait til you read our book!!" :)

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