Saturday, July 18, 2015

My post-race-face

It's not pretty.... but the face of pure exhaustion is something I'm proud of!! I love that feeling of knowing I gave it all and being totally completely SPENT.  Mmmm.... lung burn.
{I sound a little loco I know. Truth!}

Getting back into racing makes me happy. It feels like it's been forever.

Surprise surprise! I was doing a little fun run out in the small city of Liberty Lake and who do I run into?! My old friend/teammate from BYU! Another Utah transplant (just here for a year while hub doing med res)  
She's running at the pace I SHOULD be at... approx. 6 min miles. I'm at about 6:30min/mi pace.  Working on getting it down!  I should probably put a little more effort into that and hit the track or treadmill sometime.
Or just continue my usual... sign up for lots and lots of races and count those as speedwork workouts :)

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