Saturday, July 18, 2015


We had so much fun getting filthy!! These kids were awesome - tackling every obstacle with all the strength and energy their little bodies could muster. Brian surprisingly was the first to really embrace the mud - doing pushups in the swamp at the starting line.  Becky was hesitant to agree to these shenanigans at first.... something about being scared of fungus... but she gave in and had a blast :)  Dean and Brianna were adorable racing through each pit/tunnel/slide/tube/wall/thingamagiger together.
Watching my twin 4 yr olds run through the woods covered in mud... I couldn't help but wonder if they're going to grow up and look back and their childhood and think it was AWESOME... or totally bizarre.
THIS is why I can't ever quit my job with  ... I was able to snag these entries for FREE on a trade deal! Easy peasy! Also hooked Meredith and her bf and friend up with entries!  So next time I'm begrudgingly getting through some frustrating hours on the comp selling advertising packages to stingy Race Directors.... I'm going to remember. It's all worth it.  For free race entries - even out here in WA! 

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