Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Rescue us, Prince Bennett!"

Their latest imagination game. The girls are the damsels in distress, and Prince Bennett has to lift them up to safety. Sometimes he's even required to kiss them.
Related story: Bennett took off his shoes in these ivies and we couldn't find them. Actually, all the kids took off their shoes. Why in the world can't they ever just keep them on?! This is a daily battle. So we were searching everywhere for the shoes, and came across a toy ball thing. Bennett grabbed it and started walking away (the kid is obsessed with balls) and Brianna ran after him yelling, "NO! Bennett, you can't take that! What if a small child returns looking for their ball and can't find it, they'd be so sad! Leave it here!" Bennett was of course entirely confused, as he's quite sure everything in the world belongs to him. But I was just a little proud of my Brianna, thinking of others. Or maybe she just delighted in depriving Bennett of a toy. She's like that sometimes...

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Hohmann Family said...

This is WAY too funny and cute all at the same time. Just be sure you have a sit down talk with Bennett before he heads off to school. He might assume that this is how girls should be treated all the time. :)