Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ornament Party #LIGHTtheWORLD

Typically I wouldn't be interested in an ornament exchange party. Spending hours and hours putting together cute ornaments, then coming home with a stack of other people's cute ornaments...  not my jam.  Totally get why others would love it though. 
So when I got an invite to an Ornament Exchange party, I wasn't thrilled til I saw the twist - we all just had to bring ONE ornament, plus some money to put together to buy a tree, with the plan to donate this all to a family in need! So cool!
I really enjoyed making these #LightTheWorld ornaments. I just used the images the church had put out, slightly modified to fit, printed, cut out, and mod-podged onto some Hobby Lobby craft ornament shells. then added ribbon and bling. So fun! Brianna and Courtney loved helping me. 
I really like these ladies I get to interact with through church and outside of it a bit. Even though I don't have a ton in common with most, we have enough that a party like this was really fun. 

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