Monday, September 19, 2016

Telling Sammy Stories

Last Saturday we stopped by Sammy's after the Stake Potluck out in the Valley.  I just love....LOVElovelovelove....the look she gives me when I first walk in. It's just so special. Like she really KNOWS me and is so happy I've come. She starts "talking" to me - and even made a few audible noises today!! That's HUGE - the girl has a TRACHEOTOMY - she shouldn't be able to make noises! But she does! Just barely, and rarely. But I have witnesses. It happened. So cool.  It's SO hard leaving her at the end of our visit. Like SO hard. I want to stay there until she falls asleep so she doesn't have to see me leave. I feel like it makes her sad. 
But wanna know what makes her HAPPY?
Apparently... talking about running with her sisters!!
I started telling her about how Lindsay is coming to visit next weekend and will run a half marathon with Meredith and I. I told Sammy that someday SHE will get to go running with us. And it will be awesome. All 4 of us out running together. With Sammy being the speediest, of course.  
And how did Sammy react?  SHE SMILED SO BIG!!! She was INTENTLY listening to me, and absolutely smiling in response!! It was so awesome.  I can't wait til that running date. It will be the best group run ever. 

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