Sunday, May 22, 2016

YW yard+bake sale miraculous SUCCESS!!

We had a true miracle happen - the forecast had been TERRIBLE up til just hours before this big event.
I was nervous - we had worked SO HARD prepping for this fundraiser. Collecting yard sale donations from ward members, making signs, bake sale items, announcements, etc etc.

I prayed that somehow it would all go smoothly and these girls wouldn't see their efforts wasted.

The Lord overdelivered!
We had almost ZERO rain - nothing but a few drops. Just 5 miles away, it was an absolute downpour.
There were areas in Spokane experiencing flash flooding.
But our little yard and bake sale? Dry and thriving!!
We had a goal to make at least $500. My lofty goal was to double that and make a thousand.
But no - we made over $1300!! Enough to pay for all their camp and High Adventure costs.
It truly was an answer to prayers.
This event was such a WIN in others ways...the girls had fun and bonded, they talked to people about which church they belonged to and what this fundraiser was for, ward members totally went the extra mile to show their support with donations (which in turn helped them de-clutter!), and I learned some valuable lessons on how to run a successful sale.

And more importantly - how to depend on our Heavenly Father to help me when I'm truly striving to do what I'm called to do... help these Young Women come closer to Christ!

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