Thursday, June 29, 2017

Gettin dirty

Meredith was awesome enough to do VBS pickup and Y lunch with all the kids, so I had several hours all to myself. YARDWORK time, whoohoo! I actually enjoy getting yard work done,  I just struggle to do it while I've got all the kids at home because I wanna be with them. Both to keep them productive, and just to enjoy their little selves.  I've tried to get them out there working with me, but it's tough keeping all 4 engaged. So the big jobs - like removing this stump!!! - get put off.
But I got to tackle all the weeds, clean out the shed, leaf-blow the porch, driveway, garage, shed, patio (hello dust storm up my nose), plant cilantro, and do a few other things....besides the ONE THING I actually intended on doing - getting some flowers planted. I have an avoidance issue I think. I'm great at doing everything besides the one thing I need most to do. Hmm. 

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